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Hi all

Hoping one of you can give me an indication as to why, not everytime but very frequently, I get the pop up asking me to consent to cookies.
I accept everytime but if I leave the website and come back on generally I get asked again.

I can’t say I get this on any other sites or forums I am on.



I get the same issue every now and then. I don’t think it is a browser issue more to do with the forum software.

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A lot of us get it, in my case I think weekly on iPhone and iPad when I use Safari or Chrome. Apparently the Naim web developer is looking into it, but can’t replicate the problem. It’s a Naim pop-up, rather than a forum software pop up as it also happens on Naim’s website.

It is mildly annoying, but in absolute terms is easy enough to live with.



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Popeye, what OS and browser are you using, and what versions? Do you have any blocking software running in the background that might reject cookies?

Hi Richard, I always use the forum on Chrome via either iPad or iPhone.
I don’t run anything on either device that I know of that would have an effect.
It’s not the end of the world but it is a little annoying.

Cheers :+1:t2:

OK thanks Popeye. I’ll ask our web developer if they’ve made any progress here.

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FWIW I get the same issue periodically on Firefox on Windows 10.

I suspect that the server end has session timeouts or cancels inactive sessions when resources run low. Just lately the related problem I have with the Discourse App has been better. The Discourse App doesn’t ask for cookie consent and uses the screen more effectively IMO.


Sorry Phil, Discourse app? Your talking to a layman here! :joy:

I wonder if this is domain related. The “community.naimaudio” etc domain is owned and administered by Naim IT dept, whereas the underlying webpage is hosted and administered by a 3rd party. It’s feasible that the cookie data is being stored with the incorrect domain details.
Purely guesswork.

Discourse is the Naim forum platform ( which supports numerous fora) and if you download the Discourse app for your phone or tablet, you can operate the forum in that instead of your web browser. Some people prefer it and some don’t.


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Brilliant, thanks David, I never knew this existed. Just downloaded. First impressions look good! :+1:t2:

It will use the Safari/Chrome kernel customised for forum use. Roon and others use it. On my iPad it uses 6MB for code and 17 for data (two fora).


I would definitely recommend the Discourse App if you are using an iPhone, and even if you’re using an iPad. It makes the forum much more pleasant to use on a phone


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