Forum Cliches, One Month In

I’ve take a look at the forum content over the last month since it moved to the new platform.

I’m rather disappointed to see that we have only had

3 occurrences of “Jaw Dropped”
10 “Veil Lifted”
22 “Night and Day”

There are also only 29 results for Hugo and 25 for Melco. Roon busts the search limit and “soundstage” has an honourable mention at 41.

What’s going on?

Note to oneself, must make better use of lunch breaks.


Happy Days !

Only 8 occurrences of SWMBO, plus Adams.

Well, my jaw dropped at your exposure of the limited use of some superlatives on this forum. The difference from the old forum is night and day, Likewise the veil lifted on the limited exposure of Hugo and Melco. I am sure some people will mention both Hugo and Melco further as time passes, however could you please clarify whether the occurrences of “Jaw Dropped”, “Veil Lifted” and “Night and Day”, and results for Hugo and Melco were individual mentions, or number of posts mentioning? I’m sure the count for individual mentions of “Jaw Dropped”, “Veil Lifted”, “Night and Day”, Hugo and Melco must be more than you reported - why even in this one thread I count 5 instances each of “Jaw Dropped”, “Veil Lifted” and “Night and Day”, and 6 for Hugo and Melco…


Actually, I think the count is the number of threads in which the word or phrase appears, not rather number of posts or individual mentions, so they may be far higher.

You may be right. The count has certainly gone up since I posted!

I’m thinking of changing my username to ‘Jaws Dropped’ to increase the number of occurences. I’ll also be able to use sentences like ‘Jaws Dropped’s Jaw Dropped…’


I am surprised at the exiguity of “Exactitude”:wink:


People are beginning to introduce a subject with the word So, as in So I just… Gah. Please don’t.

And one who ends every single post with ATB George.

Not cliches as such, but repetitive and not entirely welcome.


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chord hugo is perhaps the most cited component in the naim forum…



Correction FR…

“chord hugo is perhaps the most cited non-Naim component in the naim forum…”

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I wonder what the most cited Naim component is? I am betting on ND555.


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Someone intelligent should open a thread titled " word of the day ". We can all post interesting and obscure words with a witty example, to contemplate whilst listening. English has many that are just not used in written let alone in spoken communication. Plus those in other languages that defy our interpretations…

As an example…

Chad. A piece of waste paper produced from force to create a hole.

" I bought by mistake cheap toilet rolls from Aldi. When I finish my business, I’m left with just a mess of unintended chad "


it’s not exactly the same…

i wanted to say : the most cited component, naim or non naim.

I’m a bit worried that we seem to have a dearth of inky blackness in the new forum…


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« analogue sound », often « cliché « cited.

Only 13 threads with toe or toes tapping, foot or feet tapping. Has the new forum stopped the Naim sound reaching the parts other systems can’t reach?

I may have used some of the superlative terms in irony…