Forum Flagging System

Does anybody know how this works ?


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Why not?

It flags.

What flagging system?


The one for those with sensitivities to flag posts to get them deleted.

The main issue with it, is that it doesn’t tell you who has flagged your post.

I knew that I was being ironic. I’ve only flagged one person and I let them know it was me and why. Think that’s reasonably fair.

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It tells Richard who flagged it and why. It’s just a system where a member can draw something to Richard’s attention. He takes the action, if he thinks any is needed, not the system.


David has it exactly right. If you think something needs moderator review you can flag it. It’s also a way to send me a message about something, for example to ask to reopen a thread of yours that has been closed due to inactivity.

I’m not sure I understand: I can see how you flag a topic - I can’t find a way of flagging a specific post, as some seem to suggest you can do.

If you touch the 3 little dots below a post then a flag sign appears. Touch that and you have flagged a post

Hit the 3 dots under the post and you’ll see a flag symbol.

Ah ha!

I hadn’t realised that the fourth option in the drop down list of flags “some other reason” allowed you to send a message to the Moderator.

The other three don’t appear to let you add details eg as to why a post might be offensive or inappropriate.

I’ve tried this flagging thing three times, not really in earnest, but just to explore the functionality and end result.

It doesn’t seem as if you can “undo” a post once you have flagged it, even if you make that attempt within a couple of minutes.

That’s a potentially useful function of which I was unaware, sometime better than adding a direct @R reference.

Yup, the “Some Other Reason” can be rather useful at times.

@Pete_the_painter @crispyduck, thanks - now I understand; I thought this was just to bookmark a post. I may have flagged some posts by mistake…

The mystery of the secret flagger is now solved!

When I shared a student house, the loo would often flush in the night. It took 25 years before the identity of the ‘midnight pisser’ was revealed.

Presumably the most qualified person ever - or s/he should be after at least 25 years as a student!


We had a similar thing in halls of residence but a different bodily function. The mystery person was referred to as ‘Kenny Loggins’

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