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Hi All

I am looking to setup a system for my bedroom and am trying to decide between Uniti Nova and the Supernait 3.

Any recommendations will be welcome.



Most people would probably be happy with a Muso in their bedrooms. The Nova would be the simplest option, you’ll need a source SN3, so it’s already at least 2 boxes. It would also take up a lot more space.

How similar or different are their sound signatures. Does the Nova have also have a similar PRaT signature? or does it get trumped by the Supernait 3?

Not heard the SN3 but I’m pretty sure most would struggle if the Nova was as good as integrated amp. I have an Atom as my second system and a gen 1 Muso in my office. While there not as good as my 272/250 combo they certainly aren’t an embarrassment, I’m constantly surprised by how good the Atom in particular sounds.

The supernait is less of a compromise as an amp, the nova is a better streamer than an NDX if you stream from qobuz, tidal, primephonic or such but not if fed from a local server.
Is this the only system or a second?
Speakers might be the biggest challenge in a bedroom.

Have heard Nova to Neat Iotas sounded good to me.

Iotas designed for small spaces close to walls
Dimensions 130 x 200 x 165 (h x w x d) 3kg

Barry White will sound very sexy with either…

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Obvious question, but what size is the bedroom? My bedroom system is an Atom into Neat Iotas (all on shelved recess over bed), room dimensions approx. 6m x 5.5m. Appreciate I’m biased as it’s my system, but to my ears (and those of my wife) it sounds terrific. I’m sitting at the end of the bed listening to Traffic’s John Barleycorn as I type and even at low (15) volume the detail and tone sounds great.

I have Unitiqutes in my two bedrooms; one delivers to a pair of Linn Kans, and the other to in-ceiling speakers. The Kans are set on the edge of the mezzanine bathroom facing into the bed room. This is my preferred system, but the in-ceiling setup sounds good too.

The units themselves are under the stairs, along with the music server, as I had the cottage wired for sound / Ethernet when it was refurbished.

The advice I received from my dealer Was that I did not need top quality speakers in my sub-systems, the ‘Qutes, because they were background systems rather than listening systems. However, I demured and chose the Kans for the master bedroom. I confess to going to sleep with music playing, but the mornings begin with a dose of R4 before walking the dog.

The question needs turning around: what do you consider to be different in requirements compared to listening in a main room? Is it space constraints, limitation in positioning of speakers or listening position (bed?), a need for automation, desire only for quiet listening, etc etc??? That will then go a long way to defining what the system needs to be.

If I was going to put a system in the bedroom I’d want it to be tge same as the one in the main listening room, except I’d probably never play as loud as I sometimes do there.

Have a Muso QB in the bedroom and Atom/Iotas in the office. But I’m sure it would work well if these were swapped. The Muso is good for background music; the Atom setup is excellent and great VFM but more attention-grabbing, particularly with some tracks.


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