Forum software glitches on iPad?

App store version only works from iOS 14. I’m stuck on 12. Sometimes it offers an earlier version. This one didn’t.

A bit of Googling didn’t reveal an obvious solution

Thank you for letting me know. Bummer.

So far with my iPad running Safari on IOS12 it’s only the Naim forum out of many sites that is dysfunctional. I don’t doubt that more sites will begin to break eventually now I cannot update IOS, but I do wonder if there is something specific here with the Naim site that is causing problems and could be fixed. I understand that underlying the site is forum software bought in by Naim - could the supplier be contacted, if that’s the case?

It’s down to the platform which is from Discourse. We have to apply their security updates as soon as they become available. AFAIK they’re aware of the issue but may not be able (or willing to apply the resource) to fix it as iOS 12 is no longer fully supported.

May be installation of “discourse hub” from app store can solve this. It is referred as 12.0 compatible.

If you have another iOS/iPadOS device which is newer you may be able to install there after which provided an older Mini/iPhone etc is signed in with the same AppStore ID it generally offers you the option to install last compatibel version.

Brave browser might be another to try.

Is this the same reason we are unable to upload images on High Sierra perhaps?

It would appear to be, yes. Mojave seems fine though on my later Macbook.

Thanks - time to eventually get that new Mini up and running or to reluctantly upgrade macOS on the old one as High Sierra suits me fine on that!

Thanks for the clarification, Richard

As an update I getting semi regular glitches when viewing the forum. Generally not going to the latest post but somewhere much higher up the thread.

The only concern is that I’m using a 2021 M1 Mac running Mojave.

Perhaps there is a bigger issue with the forum software?

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I know our web developer is monitoring. Last I saw from Discourse was that if they can improve matters for old OS they will try to go do but no guarantees.

Yes. My point was i’m seeing issues for the latest OS as well. Not as fatal as for the older systems but still there

That would definitely indicate a more fundamental issue with the forum software.

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