Forum topic titles

It’s probably just me, but have all the topic titles always had the forum title under every one? It’s distracting and looks messy.

Yes, I guess it’s to allow you to quickly just click to the front page of that room.

Thanks Richard. Never actually noticed it until a couple of days ago and now they’re getting bigger and bigger :smiley:

It looks a mess tbh. It’s easy enough to click through to anywhere on the site, is it necessary to repeat it on every topic heading?

Obviously when you’re actually in a particular room it’s maybe somewhat redundant, however, anywhere else, it’s rather useful, so at a glance you can see to which room a particular topic or reply relates, and you then have the choice to go directly to that post, or to the front page of the room where it’s posted. So, personally at least, I find it quite useful.

But hasn’t it just appeared on every sub-heading? Tbh If I’d written the site I’d have made that a configurable to show the room name where it’s needed and hidden where not.

I find it a bit irritating.

I usually wish to go to a specific topic. I find my mouse-controlled pointer needs to be more carefully positioned over the “Topic” since this change and I find myself accidentally clicking on the “Room” designation instead.

If I want to go to specific room to browse the topics I find it perfectly easy to click on the three horizontal bars top right of the page and select the desired topic.

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