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Firstly, my apologies for resurrecting a thread which was closed back in January. For some reason, I don’t recall seeing that earlier thread otherwise I would have contributed. One of my pre-requisites is for a piston filler, and I particularly like Pelikan and Visconti. This is my Visconti London Fog, one of my favourites. There is something special about using a fountain pen. The biggest problem is finding good quality paper, though I find rhodia to be good. Apologies for the quality of the image, taken with my phone.


Very beautiful. I also prefer piston fillers, though I have a soft spot for my old Parker 51, which still writes very nicely with its broad Italic nib. I’m big fan of the Monblanc 149, of which I have several with OBBB nibs - which I love - and the new Flex as well. They’re nowhere as good looking as that Visconti, though. I love that you can see the reservoir as well.

Is that one with a magnetic cap?

I have a lovely red Visconti fountain pen but found the cap a bit of an issue. I could not clip the pen in a pocket or shirt without it falling off, and the nib dried out quickly.

Sent me back to screw caps only. Pretty pens though and nice stubby shape.

Michaelb: yes, I too love the Parker 51 and have several, which I use occasionally.

BruceW: the cap has a kind of bayonet fitting, with a short twist to attach the cap. It seems very efficient. The pen is actually slightly longer and less stubby than it appears in the photo - a distortion of the lens playing the trick. The clip is sprung and so fits tightly to a pocket.

Sounds nice. How does it write? Do Visconti do a very broad stub or italic nib?

It must look stunning filled with Royal Blue ink…

It writes well, provided you use good quality paper. It isn’t very forgiving if the paper is poor - sadly, often the case these days. I have Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire blue ink in it at the moment and it suits the pen. I know Visconti do different grades of nibs, but I’m not sure if the more specialist cuts are available.

I’ve heard good reports about CONID pens, which are handmade to order in Antwerp. Does anyone have and use one? Any comments?

I enjoy using modern Japanese fountain pens. This one is a Platinum President Urokomon.


Still love them, but not in that league ! 16 euro tokens


Slightly off topic, just ordered a fountain pen as a gift, but while looking, found something called an inkless pen?
Anyone come across these, and if do are they any good?

Amazing pattern, is that maki-e artistry? I have one Platinum but it’s just a clear demonstrator, lovely nib though. I also have a Sailor 1911 in plain black - it’s a medium nib, but equivalent to a European fine - a good writer.

Lamy pens are very good, and excellent value. If you can run to one, I recommend the Lamy 2000, a beautiful timeless design, with piston filler.

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Yes, it is Hira maki-e technique where gold or silver powder of different particle sizes are sprinkled onto urushi. The abalone shell is raden technique. The overall pattern is uroko which is an ancient Japanese motif representing dragon scales.


Wow, that looks fab!

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The principle is similar to silver point in art. A relatively soft metal tip that leaves a mark on paper. A different writing experience that will not work on all surfaces such as the slightly glossy surface of some greeting cards.
If you want a budget trial and have access to a craft shop or jeweller, a piece of a silver earring hoop wire. Fold it double to give a reasonably smooth end and tape it to a lolly stick.

Great thread!
I used to collect fountain pens, and love using them.
Thread’s prompted me to pull out a couple of my pen wallets…(I was a real sucker for an Eversharp Skyline!)
Bottom is my daily writer, trying out an ink I’ve kept boxed for ages…

I really should get to servicing them, most are fully working…gulp, or were…
I’ll have to dig out my other boxes too.

Edit/ Just found and filled a favourite: love this little cutie


Hi Stevie, you have a fabulous collection. My pens are mainly modern, but I do have some Parker 51s and a Sheaffer PFM (with an unusual snorkel type filling mechanism). I tend to prefer an F grade nib on most pens, but with Pelikan I need an EF. What grade of nib are you using in your Pelikan Souveran, which looks superb.

Hi Chris
I have one or two PFMs - that snorkel-fill is a blast, I agree.

I usually go for m/mb or broad nibs (some of my old Swans etc have gloriously flexy nibs which I do adore).
The White Torty is a Fine to Med, I think…but it will flex a little bit so I’ve not thought to change it.

Found some more boxes, including a couple of 51’s - pens are as addictive as Naim boxes!
I particularly liked the 1970s Mont Blancs… they were great pens. And cheap too, comparatively!

I just checked the Peli, the nib is designated an EF - not what I thought. Shows what I know, lol!

Three of my urushi pens, Platinum Izumo and two Nakaya’s.


Lovely @Whatsinanaim!
I’d love to see the nibs when you’ve time.

Beautiful pens.