Four Integrated Amps and a Separate compare

Hey, a newbie here. I’m looking at updating my amp. I’m currently considering the following (don’t think I can say “narrowed down” w/ a list like this). Has anyone been able to compare any of these, or have any thoughts?

  • Ayre AX-5 Twenty (was looking at AX-5, but not sure it’s still available)
  • Gryphon Diablo 120
  • Moon by Simaudio 600i V2
  • Balanced Audio Technology VK-3000se
  • Or a PS Audio Pre/Pwr in the same price range

Hi welcome.

I see you currently have a Uniti. Any reason for not having a Naim amp on your shortlist?



Thanks Linsay! You know, there isn’t. Actually, I have a Naim Atom with Totem speakers in my study (smaller room) and love it. I started down this path when I heard the AX-5 (for stereo in large main listening room) and was very impressed. Then I started looking at reviews/articles to see what got mentioned along with it. I’ll check them out!

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