Fraim accessories on the continent?

thanks Dave. I’m well enough inland that the salty sea air shouldn’t be a factor. good advice on the pads - think I’ll do that while I sort out the mystery of the missing ball bearing…

If you have not had any joy yet, do a search for hsga in Bielefeld. They have Fraim steel balls for EUR 8.50 available to buy online.

I bought some used Fraim levels from them a couple of years ago and the sale was entirely satisfactory.

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Many thanks - ironic as I’ve actually been to that store before (bought my Neat Iotas and some NACA5 from them) but never thought to look for the Fraim parts.

Looked online and they seem to have all the accessories. Might treat myself to some of the floor protector chips too!

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I bought a NAD 3020 in their old store back in the eighties. Good to see that the passing of the torch to the second generation has worked so well.

Yeah, i was super happy. was a very long train journey, but worth it. they have a lot of product there and seem to have a big enough client base that creates a good second-hand / upgrade stock in-store. would recommend. they look to be one of the bigger Audio Physic dealers as well (I’m still waiting for a second-hand pair of Classic 8s to hit the store…)