Fraim and switches

I have patiently waited for 2 years to pick up a matching finish shelf, as my Synergistic Research switch was just on the tv cabinet, then moved to ontop of my music server, which i didnt think caused as much an issue as in thought it would.

Last night i managed to straight add the extra shelf without a power down, the result a good improvement to bass (texturing, detail and bloom gone) and more attack and sweeter vocals.

Oddly when i purchaed the 2 tier Fraim for my Nova and Zenith server is felt there was little discernable difference in SQ.

So question are switches also super sensitive?
Or is it i got my ears waxed a few weeks ago :thinking:

It’s expectation bias pure and simple.


“TPLink Archer AC5400 Tri-band router on Atacama Evoque 30/40 base. Initially I just used it to lift the router off the carpet with no expectation of improvements but was surprised to hear a useful uplift in sound quality”. Posted by @Blackmorec



Oct '19

:small_blue_diamond:@Peter1480,…Interestingly,.have you the opportunity to send a picture of how it is stuck on the wall,so it would be great.

Transferred resonances from the wall,.as well as the wall-brackets vary of course,whether it is wood or concrete walls.
And Cisco as with all electronics,.are sensitive to internal vibrations and microphony.

Me and my Cableoholic-friend talked about that we should test your suggestion,.so an image would be interesting so we can get some ideas.

Martin Colloms reviewed the Cisco 2960 switch in Hificritic. He found that the Cisco switch sounded best on his Fraim. He wrote about the Cisco being sensitive to microphony.

Yeah lots of expectation bias on this forum to be honest.


But as mentioned when i went two levels of full fat fraim it was a non event, i was expecting allot, but was totally underwhelmed.

Expectation bias works both ways.

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Naim seem to think there is some benefit to putting all sorts of stuff on Fraim other than just HiFi kit, apparently. This was at a Naim demo a few years back.

Note, though, that they are keeping this stuff well clear of the actual HiFi rack. Personally I would be keeping servers, switches and the like away from my main rack, even if they were expensive audiophile ones.

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I had a fraim for a couple years and observed no significant affect on the SQ using the same system same room. Everything sounded as good as it did on the previous rack which I still have.


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