Fraim ball-bearings

I rebuilt half my two-stack system this week, but mislaid a ball-bearing. I have looked high and low for this AWOL item to no avail. I have no sticky fingers to blame either. May I have suggestions from whence I can find a replacement? (P.S. my dealer is no longer in business)

Try tomtom audio they do mail order or give them a call

Cymbiosis on their estore has a single bearing for £1.61

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Tom Tom Audio Shop


Got mine from ‘the bay’. I wasnt going to pay that much for a ball bearing. Got 20 SS 1/2” for just over a fiver.

The ball bearings need to be mild steel. Stainless balls didn’t sound as good, although they are (were?) available as an option for places of high humidity.

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Bought a set from my local bearing supplier …took a sample one in and they matched it …£1 each but did feel they over charged me a little and I probably could have got a bag full cheaper if I was trade…

Very interesting. Normal ball bearings are hardened cobalt steel, a very different material.

Ball Bearings are usually 52100 Ball Bearing Steel here in the States. Used to also be used for ball less gas bearings for high performance applications. Agree with Richard.

Thanks Gazza

Oops, yes I forgot we were using some rather special ball bearings!

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How much is it to buy from Naim (via Dealer) ? I am curious now.

£1.61 for one ball

When I get my new Fraim - I’m going to buy a bag of 10 spares! I will definitely lose some!

Hello Richard,
Can you confirm your comment about “mild steel” bearings please? I cannot find any available. I live in a high humidity environment (at the moment) and can confirm that a number of the balls have surface corrosion.
A “proper spec” for the balls would be most welcome (size, material and grade) please.

Abdabs, I don’t have that info I’m afraid. IIRC, It was once posted in the old forum, so maybe worth a search in the archive, however, you’re best off contacting Naim for that info.

Thanks Richard!

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