Fraim base assembly - help!

John, good to hear it. Thanks for the update.

To echo what HH has said, the true test of a company or business and its customer service is how it handles things not when they are going well, but when they are not. Full marks to Naim :clap:

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Hi Richard. I have the exact same problem with my new Fraim unfortunately. Missing 6 C4. What do you recommend I can do? I’ve been waiting for months to get the last two shelves of the system… How is it possible to speed up the process of getting the missing parts, you think. I’m in Denmark. The dealer is far from my home. Thanks :pray:t3:

Tholuf, distributors should now be aware there may be an issue with a handful of Fraim bases. I suggest you contact your distributor (I assume you purchased in Denmark?) and they should be able to sort things out for you ASAP. If you have any problems then please let me know.

Thanks Richard. I appreciate your quick response. Have a nice weekend. BR. Thomas

Hi Tholuf, I had superb service from Naim. Clare Newsome (@Naim.Marketing) liaised with my dealer and had the missing parts couriered out to my dealer.
Good luck


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