Fraim Base Levelling

Hello: May I request some additional advice that is not present in Richard’s Fraim Building FAQ?

What is the process for making a Fraim base perfectly level? I placed a spirit level on the glass and the bubble is not entirely centered. So; is the idea to move the second ( untightened ) of the two nuts until the spirit level is happy? And then tighten the long spikes down onto the adjusted second nut?


Answered my own question; with the upper nut not tightened down, you can use the small tommy bar to rotate the long spikes to the right and left of the base with everything in place ( glass balanced on steel balls and spirit measure on top of glass. Then when base is completely level, tighten the second nut

Only after you have put all the kit on the Fraim though.

Checking the shelves isn’t the determining levelling - it’s the kit!

Blimey, I’ve been doing it all wrong then…
The two times I’ve built mine, I levelled it without the boxes in place! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Dammit. Another build in the offing.

Best way to level i found is place a ball bearing on the glass and adjust till it doesn’t move.
But placing the gear on the shelves can mean additional adjustments once its finally all built up might be needed on the top shelf.
As even using a very good level( about £40 for a small 300mm one) still doesn’t get around the human problem of not looking at the level 100% correctly, the ball bearing will soon start to roll if its not level in all planes

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Checking the run of the floor first up helps IME i,e, if the rear is high, then one can tighten the rear and adjust the front up. But if v-v, reaching the rear adjuster can be challenging.

Yes, our floorboards are shocking…

Two photos I just took. Top shelf, on the 252.
First left-right - slight bias there
Second back to front seems OK


Turn the bubble around and see if it tells the same story :grinning:

That’s far better than mine (wood floor over concrete). My bubbles are often on/> the indicators. I’m down lowest at the back and right up at the front!

And I re-check mine every few weeks, as things tend to settle IME.

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Maybe I had the bubble the wrong way round - no source indicator on the damn thing!

Nope - pretty similar
:slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

Does anyone know what size tommy bar is provided? I never got one and could do with ordering one.

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