Fraim buster

Well duster, for around £7-8 my Fraim has never looked so clean

Gets into all the awkward areas without lifting a thing.


Would this be compatible with Isoblue, do you think…? :thinking:

Anything is possible :grin:

The Fraim is an awkward beast to dust especially between the wood and glass, this little device gets right in there and gets to work, also it grabs the dust and stops it crop dusting everything else.

Isoblue is in my view, a simpler construction - and probably easier to clean.
A duster on a stick does fine… :sunglasses:

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The crazy thing is here we are talking about the most boring job in the world dusting one’s kit, I must be bored :sleeping:

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Especially when the thread title sets such high expectations!


Been thinking I need something for this and this looks spot on so I’ve just ordered one. Cheers :+1:

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Excellent I need this, x5 refill pack, my current method disturbs the cables.

“My first household chores”

Dust on a rack gives the sound character. It sounds too clinical without!


I suspect a historical lack of participation in household chores, if using a Swiffer to dust the HiFi is a revelation.



I first came across the Swiffer cleaning kit when my sister-in-law from the USA brought them over about 20 years ago. I thought they were no longer available. Looks like that’s wrong. Ours has an adjusable wand about a metre long and is great for ackward corners. No smearing and washable as well. Soft and ideal for the acrylic LP12 lid to avoid micro scratches.
Boring stuff perhaps. Vauxall cars used to have a slogan: a clean car goes better!

These things work by using electrostatics that can create high voltage that is death to electronics. No risk in damaging the equipment? No warnings on the packaging?

Nothing on the packaging to state this although there is a photograph of the brush cleaning a laptop.

The only warning on the box is to not flush the used brush down the toilet.

Good job Naim cases are earthed and you’ll only put a duster near a cartridge once.

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Worked a charm yesterday no problems or static, never seen fraim look so clear and dust free in a areas not just the easy to reach

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Just bought and tried Swiffer on my Naim Fraim. Highly recommended. You reach under and all around the boxes :+1:

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Dusting ! . . . . surely one has people for that kind of thing ?



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