Fraim Cherry

I bought a Fraim in cherry several years ago. I want to buy more shelves now but understand that Naim changed sourcing and the cherry is much lighter now than it was before. Any thoughts on how I can get the old style cherry? Thanks.

Look to buy used, surely…?

I had to do the same thing just before Christmas to make way for a NAP300.

I rang round the better dealers and located one, I was lucky as the first one I phoned had just taken some in.

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Ask for cherry “tinted”. Not in the catalogue but still available to match the old cherry.


Unless it has just recently changed again (ie in the last year or so), it is the other way around. The older cherry shelves were lighter. The newer shelves (& I believe was posted on here the only way the fraim light shelves come) is the newer darker cherry, they refer to as tinted cherry (has more of a red hue to it vs the older shelves).

I have standard old cherry from more than 10 years ago and about 18 months ago bought another base and shelf in cherry “tinted”. Perfect match.

The cherry will turn colour as it ages, your original cherry shelves likely darkened over the years.

Tinted Cherry:


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My originals were darker than that. As far as I’m aware, there have been at least 3 colours of cherry in addition to the tinted. The original was quite dark, almost red. Later there was a lighter cherry but still just called cherry. Now the cherry is lighter still, per your bottom picture. The top picture looks like the standard (second gen) cherry but photos can be deceptive.

This is what I’m dealing with. I want to get Fraim shelves that look like the one of the left. How do I do that? Thanks.

To be sure I would ask your dealer, but as said above, unless things have recently changed (I bought my Fraim about 2yrs back), the one on the left is the tinted cherry.

Is tinted cherry currently available?

See my first reply…Cherry tinted will match your old fraim and it is available but you have to ask for it specifically. If you ask for cherry, it will be a light colour.

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