Fraim Chips vs Silent mounts?

Interested to know if anyone has compared the two under there Fraim especially against the titanium chord silent mounts?



Linn Skeets are cheaper and work just as well. But they are black.

:small_blue_diamond:But Naim Chips is better,.both under speakers and hifi-racks.

Linn Skeet has a completely different design-idea than Naim’s Chips.

Happy New Year :clinking_glasses:

Just ordered chips.

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I have long-term experience of Skeets, Chips and Silent Mounts. Chips are much more suited to Fraim than Skeets (the Fraim spikes effectively “couple” with the Skeet) but Silent Mounts are very much better than either and are what I now use.

Unfortunately they’re not easy to compare under Fraim but when I did the comparison with my speakers, I was a bit surprised by how much better they were.

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