Fraim colour variations

That’s interesting. A local dealer once suggested to me that a 552 with a 250 or possibly a 300 with the right speakers would probably be all the system anyone would ever really need. I thought he was a bit bonkers at the time but now I’m not so sure. He does mainly sell Linn these days though. Anyway we digress.

This is how Naim show the different colours for Fraim.

I always think of the colours as yellow and red - on Ovators, the two different colours are very different, perhaps less so on Fraim, ymmv.

@Richard.Dane the original was a pdf file, which doesn’t seem to upload. I can email you a copy; this is a screen capture of the original pdf.

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You could open the pdf in Photoshop or similar and resave as a jpg… :expressionless:

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Here is what my tinted cherry shelves look like:


Rosewood ? Available as standard veneer or special order ? It really looks great and It would be a nice match with my S400

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The ‘Untinted Cherry’ looks very similar to the original Maple shelves (discontinued I think), and IME these tend to richen/darken in colour over time.

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Full right stack and the level for the 552 is the orginal Cherry.

Level for DAVE is untinted cherry.

Base for the 500 was the orginal Maple, this is my botched attempt at Cherry stain hence why its at the bottom of the left rack, its dark in this corner and hidden from view from the main living space.

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I just wanted to say how helpful everyone’s photos and experience on this is for me. Looking at all the photos I strongly suspect I have three generations/ages of shelves as there are variations on the other shelves as well. Possibly original cherry on the bottom then a couple of mid age ones and two brand new ones. I might be able to move them around to change the variation between them so the effect is less pronounced. Not sure they are all quite as the dealer described them to me so something I need to discuss with them.

I have mellowed a bit this week and am considerably heartened to hear that this may just need some time to allow the colouring to develop. I haven’t had chance to discuss with my dealer hopefully I will have a break in my work to be able to give them a call tomorrow to work out a solution. They have bent over backwards to help me recently, so I don’t want to be unreasonable but then again I do want one of the dominant features in my living room to look good as good as it sounds, & my wife agrees.

Your dealer can advise as to what can be ordered of course; photo is one forwarded to me originating from hq!

If it’s any solace, I have 3 x Maple stacks (silver uprights), acquired as 3 x new sets over time. As Richard points out the manufacturers have changed over the years and some shelves have retained their bleached-yellow look, others have got an orangey look to them. IME, it can takes years to change and mine aren’t in sunlight.

If I were you, I’d do as @Clive suggests and see if you can ‘hide’ the differing colourations via stacking e.g. using any floor shadowing, and see how this goes. There is always going to be a risk in trying to match to existing.

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haydj it is highly likely that even if each level was purchased at the same time, some variation is almost inevitable and outside your dealers control - potentially Naims, if the levels are from different batches.
I posted earlier, if you are still concerned, then ask a quality french polisher to attempt a match.
IIUC these are levels of differing ages, which is a feature of natural veneered wood.

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Just be thankful that you don’t have a mix of “olives”. Most of my boxes are “grey olive” apart from my NAXO2-4 and SNAXO2-4 which are brown olive………

If we had a dating thread on here I could post:
“Grey-olive system with brown-olive SNAXO looking for, etc etc…….”

:laughing: :laughing:

CDS1/CDPS, 52/SC and 250, all olive :slight_smile: and quite mixed

You will need to be patient. Put the paler coloured shelves where they will get most sunlight and they will darken more quickly. Depending on how much UV light hits them, they will darken eventually, but it will take months, or more likely years to darken the wood significantly.

Great set up Richard!

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Thanks Dev. You should come down some time*. Hope you’re keeping well.

*Although perhaps not just now as there has just had a loud bang from somewhere and suddenly no power, one of the consumer units keeps tripping and the other is emitting a very loud and rather worrying 50hz hum! I can switch on the kitchen lights but that’s it - and they are humming loudly too. Thank heavens for my portable power pack which is powering up the modem. Electrician has been summoned. Eek!

Great idea a forum visit…….I’ll bring some pencils to loop the tape back into your cassettes😂

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We had a few of those when Zebedee was young. Cat pee and mains sockets do not play nicely together.

Well, our trusty local sparky just popped by and he’s measured 422V on two of the three phases. It’s coming in on the tails so something is up between us and the local transformer. He looked worried, which was a bit disconcerting…

Richard, did your domestic protections trip OK?