Fraim consistancy

I’m considering the Fraim. How consistent is the build? For example, do the 3 levelling cones (on the upper level) sit right smack in the middle of the dish below?

From the photos I can see online, the dish has a flat area to accept the pointy cone above, instead of a sloped indentation that guides the cone to a precise location.

It’s a sloped indentation

The Fraim is nicely engineered, and deserves to be built with a lot of attention to detail. With regard to the cup and cone arrangement - the cone is guided into the cup by sloped sides, to a flat area on which the point of the cone sits. There is a small amount of wiggle room for fine adjustment.

The build quality is very high and very consistent. That said, the position of the spikes in the indentations isn’t perfect on mine - three of the shelves sit smack in the middle whereas on the other it’s a little hit and miss. There is a tiny amount of movement possible in the legs which may help.

The little indentation in the middle has a flat bottom to enable the spikes to be centred.

Yes. I thought the OP was asking if there is a sloped indentation that guides cone to a specific point. Which there is (the specific point happens to be flat).

The components are all cut on CNC, I’m not sure of the tolerances on the metal parts but the least accurate parts will be the MDF shelves and they will be accurate to less than 0.1mm, probably half that in reality. There should be no reason why any section wouldn’t fit any other from any other date with nothing other than perfect accuracy. That’s just the nature of the manufacturing process.

There will be a tiny bit of play in the holes for the screws and the threaded sections themselves to allow for assemble so the flat section in the bottom of the cup allows for any tiny dependency during assembly without putting any side ways force into one of the limbs that you’d get otherwise if the indent was a perfect countersink.

Credit where it’s due, Fraim is a very well designed rack

Thank you for the reply folks. So there is a small flat area to allow for some wiggling of the cone instead of a precise countersunk.

I’m going to check out the Fraim at my dealer.

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