Fraim for the second rack for power supplies is it worth it?

In a way I know the anser Fraim is made for Naim, and when I upgraded my first rack from a standard hifi racks from the 90s, it was an amazing upgrade. After evolving my system I have had 3 rakcs, now dwon to one other rack used for my pusercap,ps 555, ps for the 300, and my Ansuz power distribution. The rack is placed on ansuz darkz and each individual component is on darkz on the r current rack. In the weekend there was posted a used Fraim with the necessary shelfs for all components, and maching in color. So the only reason not to contact the seller is if the forum consensus is that for power supplies Fraim is not a massive upgrade over most other racks.
It is used and used fraim is very rare in Denmark but it still comes at a cost over the current rack.

Go for it. It will definitely look better and almost certainly sound better.

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I agree with the hungry fish. Go for it. Once you do you will never look back!

It definitely made a significant difference, for the better, for me.


Hi Richard,
What rack did you use before the Fraim?

The hungry fish does not have a fraim!


Hi Claus,

I just used a domestic shelving unit then moved to a single Fraim stack before moving onto two Fraim stacks (one for the power supplies and the other for my TT, pre and power amps).


Is it not possible to recommend a meal you ate last night then?


Ikea Besta unit to single stack then to Brains/brawn stacks. Big difference each time


The OP is posting on a Naim forum, and asking whether he should buy more Naim kit…

Really? What answer was he expecting?

Was it worth the cost in electrons?


I think the sonic benefits of a Fraim tend to get overstated but it’s a good looking rack and if you already have one and it fits your motif then go for it. It seems like a no-brainer. Signed, former Fraim owner.

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Well, nothing actually. :slight_smile:
But your advice is sort of expected, and that is fine. I own 2 Fraim stacks and I like them.

Maybe you should read the entire post. In that case you could have saved some electron firing.

I did

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