Fraim glass shelf

Morning Chaps,

I’m looking to add an isolation plinth to my LP12. The plinth has a bigger foot print than the glass shelf that comes with Naim’s Fraim so I will need to order a new shelf. Does anyone know the spec. of the glass on Fraim: is it a special glass, is there a specific term for the colour and profile?

Thanks for any reply

It’s Pilkington 10mm toughened glass. I have to ask, though…the LP12 is an isolation plinth, and so is Fraim. Do you really need another one?

A tad confused here, as the LP12 sits OK on a standard Fraim shelf, so if the new isolation plinth is larger, can’t the supports (what are they?) for the new plinth just sit on the Fraim glass. Or do you want to match the aesthetics with same size plinths?

FYI, I’ve tried secondary isolation arrangements with my LP12 (another layer of glass/supported by Fraim cups and balls) and other Naim kit. In neither case, did it work out for the better.

Personally, I’m not a fan of an LP12 on Fraim, especially on suspended floors - wall-shelves are much better in my albeit limited experience.

Thanks all - The isolation base is by HRS and is 19 x 21 inches. It’s bigger than than Fraim glass shelf and weighs 33 kilos so putting it on the wall with another 18 kilo of LP12 isn’t an option. I’ve had the LP12 on a wall shelf for years. If you haven’t heard what a top quality iso base can do you should try and audition one, as this one is astonishing. It improves the vinyl experience massively: bass, PRaT, sound stage and I can jump up and down right next to the fraim and it has no effect on the TT. It lowers the noise floor so that you can hear things that have been hidden it really is quite impressive. I’ll need the bigger glass shelf so that it sits correctly in position.

Cheers Pete

You can see in this pic why I need bigger glass - the glass it’s sitting on is borrowed off a drinks cabinet and is sitting on the Fraim glass shelf.

Hi `Chris do you know if the glass colour has a name i.e. ‘smoke green’ or something like that?

Sorry, I wouldn’t know. I suspect it’s just grey toughened, but maybe worth asking Naim if they can confirm.

@916SPS - Pete, I see, I see, I see (as the phrase goes). Interesting re the Iso shelf – perhaps the additional mass leans the structure to be more like a heavy sideboard, which some folklore suggests is where an LP12 feels at home.

Re the colour etc, I’d just take a bit of Fraim glass to the glazing shop and ask them, as you’ll also want the edge finish to be the same and, obviously, with the new bit, when tapped on one side it must ‘ping’ more than the other :smile:

Great suggestion HL thanks :metal:

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