Fraim is going in

I bet they do, got a great deal on the bits I wanted.

Your just waiting for your new gear to come in now then.

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I started my Fraim journey 15 years ago and can confirm they’re worth the faff in setting up. Good luck. You have good times ahead. Here’s my current set up…


Well tomorrow night the fun will start.
Lots to do


I would build the brains stack and brawn stack until you get to level 2. Then finish the brain stack. Have all the cables connected to the brain components. Then finish the brawn stack.

You can only do the best you can with cable management unless you have space behind the brain stack to play.

I have two sets of 5 Fraim shelves and there are alot of cables.

I could have it a fair bit tidied than what it is but I am not obsessing over it at the moment. I have bought a CDS3 and XPS and have managed to set things up now so I can swap the burndies over if I want to listen to the CDS3 with the 555PS if I want to.

Thanks very much, this middle ground is probably a good idea instead of looking at it black-or-white. Might also combine well with using the stand to try and hang the brawn side of cables in the correct height while finishing the brain side.

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And I too have my CDS 3 on top of the brawn stack. It sounds fantastic!

Thanks for the info, good to know.

Well swapped it over, can’t do anymore until the 552 is back from naim, but its all working once again.
This is my first layout, might not stay like this, but it will for now, got another standard level and another standard leg set, if I want to alter things.
Had to remove the alloy rear leg, but the standard naim parts are still being used, just not the box section, as the rossini is much deeper and wouldn’t fit without doing this, again it might not stay like this, but it looks better like this and means the P10 can sit on the rack, rather than the wall.


I think another dCS user @glevethan has his on top of his Fraim IIRC

so do I - but like @Dunc I have the Rossini on top of the clock (have swapped them over since this photo, and the Rossini now is the one sans CD player)


Quite a few guys run dcs these days with naim, been a dcs user since feb and love it.
I really wanted to fit the rossini inside the fraim if I could, as I wanted the P10 on the rack.
I have managed to do this and very happy with the look and sound.
Just want my 552 back asap


whatever it is under the Rossini, I think it may look better centred?

It would, but can’t as once again the melco is too deep and the cables come out in the way off the rear leg.
I knew before i committed to the fraim, that some off my gear would be difficult to fit on the fraim, but decided to give it a go, i could remove the rear leg box section, like i have above, but would rather do it this way, as it works, moves it further away from the naim power supply, and gives my a remote control space lol.

Serious listening session about to start, lets see what this fraim is all about then


Not sure you can have a serious listening session without your 552. It simply wouldn’t be a fair comparison.

Dont know why not? As havent had my 552 now for well over a month, so very much in tune with how it sounds without it.
So i would say its more than fair.

OK, let’s say you won’t hear the full Fraim effect without your 552. If you could then there would be little benefit from having your 552 serviced (and DRed?). All IMHO of course.

Thats different lol
Sorry but in a silly mood tonight nigel.

Got to say it does sound a bit different, a bit more on its toes sounding if that makes sense at all.
But my 552 can’t get back here quick enough

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You seem to have done a great job of fitting the Rossini, Clock and Melco in the Fraim. If at all possible try to separate Brain units from Brawn units, i.e. try to have head units in a separate Fraim stack to power supplies. I realise that you have a complex array of gear, also with a TT to accommodate, so you may not be able to achieve the ultimate arrangement. Separating Brawn (power supplies containing transformers) from Brains (head units with no transformers) in separate Fraim stacks is a guiding principle and will make the most of Fraim stands.

Good luck and let us know how your rejuvenated 552 sounds.

I can’t really and even if i did put them in different racks, it would still be in a rack with other components with transformers.
I hope that putting my 552 as high as possible, is actually putting it the furthest away and this will help.
Haven’t the room for a 3rd fraim rack, but this i feel would be the only way.
I will always have a compromise or two in my system, but trying to get the best i can from it all, and knowing myself, i will change things around, and thats one off the reasons i have a few extra fraim bits, just so i can mix it up.

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