Fraim parts missing

I was just about to fit my new Fraim base and the C-09 floor spikes are missing from metal parts envelopes there are two clear bags with the ordinary assortment of spikes nuts and cups but both are containing the C-07 intermediate smaller spikes and not the C-09.
It seems that recently i have bad lucky with new Naim purchases. The Nait XS3 with faulty volume pot, now Fraim with wrong parts inside
P.s. Also last year with another Fraim stack ordered, i don’t whether it was a dealer or Naim faults they sent me cherry tinted levels insteas of natural cherry plus a Naim logo was missing.


In the time it took you to photograph the parts, edit the picture and then write about it, you could have emailed or called your dealer and resolved the matter satisfactorily. What is the point of posting about it here? To get someone in trouble? To trigger an endless rant about how useless Naim are and how the company is falling apart?

We are in a global pandemic. Everyone is struggling. People make mistakes. Please don’t make things worse. It’s a missing piece of Fraim. It’s not like you’ve lost a leg.


Roberto, that’s disappointing. I would get in touch with your dealer. I’m sure they will work with your distributor and Naim to sort this out for you as quickly as they can.

I’ve alerted Naim just in case yours is not the only one like this.


I’m sorry to read this Roberto, and can understand your disappointment. Please get in touch with your dealer as Richard says. Naim will sort it out for you.

Best, C.

Roberto, having checked with Naim, I’ve been told they’re aware that a small number of Fraim bases went out with incorrect floor spikes. They apologise for the packaging error, and have replacement parts ready to send out to anyone affected, so please get in touch with your retailer and they will sort things out for you.


It’s not that mistakes happen , it’s how they get sorted out that counts .


A bit harsh that I feel HH.
The OP hasn’t said Naim are useless and I’m done with them, he’s just expressed his disappointment. Given it is not the first occasion he’s encountered a fault recently I think his disappointment is justified.
Despite the current global crisis I think you should still be able to expect a premium product to be just that.
And yes everyone is struggling and needs a bit of slack. That includes the OP.


Dear HL,
It all occured at 9pm when my dealer is evidently closed ( i already mailed him btw)
I don’t really see the point of such useless suggestion.

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No prob Richard,
My dealer and service centre have already been informed. For the record the latter last week also ordered 6 Fraimchips and received only one.


The thing for me is why people feel the need to raise every little issue on the internet for all to see. Often little things go wrong for me but I don’t tell the world. I just ring up or email and it’s all sorted out. There is nothing whatsoever to be gained in this case. Of course it’s disappointing but so what? Life is full of disappointments.


Ok thanks Roberto.

We’re never going to agree on this but I feel your original comments were harsh, offered nothing constructive and would have been best left unsaid.
Not everyone’s sensibilities match your own and you can’t impose your own sensibilities on others.
I wouldn’t have posted about the matter but I respect his right to do so.


It wouldn’t be difficult for the dealer in question to recognise this permutation of errors and decide that the customer who he thought he had a good civil relationship with is actually prone to putting trivial complaints like this on the internet for all to see, and that said customer maybe no longer warrants the same warm fuzzy freindly treatment that was previously offered.

I’d always go for the resolution direct with the dealer tbh. They’re probably better able to sort it than a bunch of blokes ambling around the internet of an evening.

I agree but one can empathise with the OP and the pre-Christmas timing just adds to the mix.

I don’t think I’d be over the moon if after what’s likely been a goodly wait for a premium-priced bit of kit, it turned up with incorrect parts. This is basic QC…and a robust QC process is supposed to eradicate errors like this, especially noting the bother factor which emerges if not = the moreso with international shipments.


I get it but remember it only the squeaky gate hinge that gets oiled!


And actually better or worse that basic QC.
Naim were aware of the issue. I’d like to think they just did not know where the affected units went ( but perhaps they should have).

Anyway, what we have learnt from the OP, is that he is not alone. Anyone else buying should check carefully.

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Look ! unless proven otherwise,( Let’s forget the Nait XS3 issue) the point is that at the end i payed a good bunch of Euro for a new kit supposed to be fully working/usable. I recognized this fault yesterday night, I don’t really see your problem! i can recognize a persistence problem i exposed. Is not this forum a place to share positive but also negative experience ?
So please wise boy don’t care about me anynoew my dealer is well keen to sort it out.


I do hope you get your Fraim problems sorted without undue delay .
The rather disparaging and belittling remarks offered by some were , I thought ,rather unwarranted .


I would find the forum less informative if negative experiences were omitted. Perhaps the next person with missing parts will be less frustrated, having learned from the forum the issue has been recognised and resolved.


Charmed I’m sure.

We all have occasional disappointments; not all of us blab on the internet about it.

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