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A few questions for Naimees with Fraim, how many of the glass protectors comes with each level of Fraim and is the Tommy bar supplied with a level of Fraim, is the template essential for fitting the glass protectors?

The tommy bar came with each of my levels and base…

Could you clarify what you mean by ‘protectors’… the glass shipped with corner shields i think for while in transit or do you mean the optional circular discs to locate on the ball bearings?

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Yes those plastic rings that fit over the ball bearings

I’d say the template is essential but I never fitted mine. There’s a template in each box where there’s glass.

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There are three per glass shelf

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Thanks everyone, I thought it odd that the Tommy bar was missing and the other items.
Only purchased used, but was assured all bits were present.

I thought the Tommy Bar only came with a base – as you only need one to build a stack. You don’t need with every shelf.

As for the locators, many of these I had didn’t stick to the glass and fell off – those which did stick, became very difficult to remove.

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Yes - the Tommy bar comes with the base.

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Base and extra shelves are on order, so no problem then. I want to use the glass protectors at least for the top shelf.
I take it the bearing and protectors must not touch, what about the pin at the back of the glass, not touching too?

Nothing should touch – and you only need the locators on the front 2 IMV.

And to locate the locators, just find which way the shelf should go with the ‘ping test’, then turn it over and stick over the bearings and flip back. IIRC, Naim provided a paper template for this!

Is this template available somewhere?

If the tommy bar is only shipped with the base then apologies for the misinformation kompressor1, however i appear to have a number of them but only one base… should have paid more attention when my dealer assembled the stack.

I have two bases, six Fraim levels, and two Fraimlite levels. The tommy bar and wrench came with each of the bases. None of the levels came with either.

Not that I’m aware of – a superfluous bit of (large) paper IMHO, given what I said above.

I would caution against using the template and do it as @HappyListener describes above. I remember checking the template and found it to be incorrect - I assume the paper is sensitive to humidity or something. It only has to be a millimetre out and the ring will touch one of the balls.

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Here is my technique to locate the locators, assuming that you only put them on in the front:

After putting the cups and balls on the wooden board, place the locator rings on the balls, sticky side up. When they sit on the balls, the sticky tape is a couple of mm below the top of the ball.
Then, place the glass plate on the balls, adjusting it exactly how you want it. Finally, push the locator rings up until they stick to the underside of the glass plate. While pushing them straight up, it is easy to get them exactly centered without touching the balls.

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