Fraim rear leg option / if you are having problems with cables etc

Just wanted to add this picture as found it the other day, hopefully easy to find for anyone going forward.
This might be useful for when the standard rear leg is just in the way, even if you twist it, or turn it around, so the larger bit is now at the back.
Anyway a piece of 28mm copper pipe, cut to same length as the leg, fits lovely over both ends of the fraim machined parts and hides the threaded bar well.
Obviously you could even paint it if you wish.



Just a thought as so many people seem to have trouble finding existing discussions, it may be useful to add to the title something like “to improve cable access for Rega Aura”

Well it’s handy for other kit as well, not just the rega aura, dCS and melco as well just to name a few that I have had trouble with, even some naim kit has problems with the rear leg

And also some Linn units, I believe. The more names we add in posts, the more likely it is that someone will find it in the future :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s your thread, I just thought that the thread is a good idea for posterity and that making it more discoverable would help, as someone having trouble placing their Aura, Melco or whatever might not be searching for “fraim rear leg option”

Its fine, plus its for the forum users going forward as it might help, or it might not.
But it is an option that works and is very easy plus cheap to sort out, about 10 pence lol

Absolutely, I don’t have the problem but have seen various discussions and I believe it’s great that you are documenting this for the future

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