Fraim shelf

Quick question.
Can anyone tell me the thickness of a Fraim shelf? Looking at a partial lockdown DIY project.

If you are talking about just the wooden shelf, it is 11/16 “ thick…or .687 inches. Not sure what that is in metric.

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Thanks, that is 17.5 mm give or take a bit. Always thought it looked thicker than that

It is 0.4mm veneer both sides of 18mm MDF so should be 18.8mm.

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Yeah it could be off a little, I used a tape measure to the best of my ability. My micrometer is at work, no real reason to bring it home…

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Another pain in the backside question which might be tricky to answer. Anyone know the internal diameter of the tube inside the Fraim leg?


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Fantastic. Thank you

Do tell…

DIY project

I wondered if fraim legs would be compatible with my design. Sadly not.

28mm or 22mm copper pipe, could well be what you are looking for, if you are trying to cover the shaft, as 28mm pipe fits perfectly onto the naim ends, as i found out, when i was contemplating removing my rear leg box section, and wanted to cover the bolt

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Thanks Dunc. Think I would need an insert in the tube. The thumbnut diameter is 24mm and the spike base diameter is 25mm. I may just use an aluminium tube 30mm external diameter and 24mm internal diameter to enclose the stand off.

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Gathering parts for DIY rack.


Will keep me going until I can invest in a full fat fraim


FWIW: when you assemble a Fraim base, the bottom shelf goes upside down to hide the unused cutouts for the ball cups.

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Great stuff. I have some MDF in the garage so will be embarking on something similar when I get a tt up and running. Pointless at the moment as I’ve only got a Nova.

The main shelf shouldn’t be an issue as long as you get the dimensions similar.

I used an FE package to work out the natural frequencies of the various shelf heights. They all come out < 100Hz or so but haven’t looked at the glass yet. On my to do list and wonder if this is a contributor i.e. stiffness, to the performance. Obvs the long bolts/cones will also factor in there too.

Let us know how you get on.

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Installed and up and running. Subtle improvements over my old diy rack. Looks pretty good too I think.

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Looks great.

Did you copy over the exact profile including cutout?

No, I cut rectangular sections of mdf 640x440. For the legs I used rectangular aluminium 80mm x 40mm so used those dimensions for the three corners. I used a thin piece of pvc cladding bending it to form the right diameter curve to draw round to join up the corners. (if that makes sense)


Looks pretty close although I’ve not seen a Fraim in the flesh.

I was thinking of veneering my effort but it’ll be tricky to get the half moon done properly in the corners. Black paint seems like a sensible option.