Fraim stacking order with NDS joining system


I’m in process of changing my system slightly and want some advice on stacking order for fraim.

Current thinking is:


NAC 82
NDS on medium shelf
Zoneripper (equivalent of Core)


Linn Lingo
NAC 135
NAC 135
Supercap 2
555 PS

Other thoughts are to put NDS on top of brain stack. Just looking at having one medium shelf at the moment. What is the best place to put it?

Let me know your thoughts…
Many thanks.


By the way LP12 is on hifi racks shelf above brain stack!

The advice I got here from a few experts led me to:

I would agree turntable needs a good rack but digital does it need any isolation?

Yes. Treat that player to a proper support.

Looks like two neat stacks Bart.

I have been advised to keep my phono stage and TT PS separate. If I had them together would mean one less shelf required and could change the order a bit.

How separate is separate? Mine are next to each other one one shelf, with about 4 inches between them. I’ve played with moving the tt ps around, but cannot hear any difference if its farther away.

@Bart, I have an identical system to yours with exactly the same stacking set-up on the Fraims. Only difference is Sopra-3 vs Magicos and I do not have a TT. I have had trouble keeping all the Burndys off the carpeted floor and the SL interconnect from 552 to ND555 is also on the floor (too long). How are you set regarding this ?

Tie a loose knot in the interconnect to keep it off the floor.

and listen to the timing go off as the sound becomes more analytical. My experience of doing just that to a pre to power interconnect anyway.

I have the din interconnect looped over (not coiled around) the burndy per some recommendations both here and from my dealer. Views on this vary.

My little chart didn’t show that there is an empty Fraim level on the left side. I’ve not decided whether to put the empty level above, or below, the 552.

I’ve now got the 555PS.

So the stacking order is:


LP12 is on HiFi racks shelf

NAC 82


Lingo 1
555 PS
Supercap 2
NAP 135
NAP 135

Put the NAP 135s so that Burndys for 555PS don’t touch the ground.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this set up. To me it sounds pretty damned good but have only just set up NDS and 555PS so early days yet!

This is what I have…

On the left side, from top:
phonostage (on a med Fraim)

On the right side, from top:
SuperCap DR
250 DR (on a med Fraim)

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This is how it’s looking right now! :dark_sunglasses:

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Really like the use of medium fraims and record cleaning machine!

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