Fraim ‘tommy bar’

Has anyone got a photo of the Fraim tommy bar?

I’m searching through the various Allen keys that my old dealer left with me and I am unsure what I’m looking for.

(Fraim rebuild / insertion of mid spacers on hold …)

It’s just a straight thin metal bar with round profile - about 3’’ inches long.

It’s not L-shaped like an Allen key.

Obviously, you can tell the gauge by the holes it has to fit in on the Fraim legs and uprights.

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Here it is, with a remote for scale.

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If you can’t find the tommy bar, just use one of the Allen keys that’s closest in size to the hole. Just be careful and squeeze the pressure on gradually as the Allen key might indent the Fraim spike hole with it having flats edges instead of being round like Tommy bar.

Thanks for the info … not found that in any of my hifi boxes.
Of course googled it and was even more confused!

Thanks … very helpful photo … still looking!

Excellent advice from @RackKit, @HappyListener and @hungryhalibut’s photo.
I’ll see how it goes this afternoon…

Good advice from @Richard.Dane is to keep the tommy bar tucked under the base of the fraim in a small bag…you always know where to find it…just where you need it.


Mine lives in a little wooden box in the study so it won’t get lost. When I bought my Fraim secondhand it didn’t have a tommy bar or the little spanner so my dealer ordered them for me. I think they cost about £3.

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Yeah, don’t leave it in it’s box buried under a pile of other Fraim boxes in your loft meaning you know it’s up there but you just can’t be arsed to go up and get it so you used an Allen key instead. :grinning:

I’ve since retrieved the supplied Tommy bar after some system changes. It’s staying under the system from now on as advised. :smiley:

I was checking with Cymbiosis, but it’s not on their website. So will go back to my dealer and request one.

If you have one, a thin shafted screwdriver which fits the hole well might suffice i.e. if it wiggles too much, it could damage the hole openings.

I will admit 2 of my Tommy bars are slightly bent through some over enthusiasm on my part - you know you’ve gone too far or I could be related to Uri Gellar.

If you’ve slightly bent the tommy bar tightening metal to wood then might have over tightened and crushed the veneer slightly on the Fraim. You only need to go a bit past finger tightened to get a good fit.

If you’re building it from new this definitely applies as you’ll find after a few months that it’ll have loosened off, then it just needs nipping up and it’ll stay nice & tight after that.

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That’s what Naim told my dealer. Sad to say I don’t have such a thing in my toolbox.

Finger tight then an 1/8th of a turn with the tommy bar.


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