Fraim uprights: How to change from Silver to black

Slightly strange one perhaps, but I have decided that the best way to unify my Fraim ( Black wood with Silver uprights) and Fraimlite ( Maple and black) is to refinish the silver uprights in black.
I have a great spray shop near me that could do a good job, but I’m also wondering about a vinyl wrap solution and wondering if anyone has done the same thing and how it worked out? Seems to me that some kind of satin finish is what I should be aiming at, but keen to hear from anyone who may have done something similar…

I wonder if powder coating might be a good way to go?

Hadn’t thought of that JDP, but it’s a good shout. I think there must be a powder coating service near me. Anyone else done a powder coat job?

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As another option, would wrapping be an option, then you have loads of choices (sorry I don’t have a Fraim if this is a silly idea)

The powder coating I’ve seen always looks like a fairly thick, plasticy high build finish compared to natural aluminium. Also you would need to be very sure that none of it came into contact with the upper surface that joins the shelf. I would look into having them anodised which would preserve the look of them.
Whether that’s any cheaper or easier than trading yours in for a black set I wouldn’t know.

I have purchased replacement stanchions before (to change height) and the price has been around $200 a set for std height, but that includes the bolts. I think just the stanchions alone is closer to $150 or so.

Surely the ‘best’ way is to sell the FraimLite (was there ever maple; more likely it’s ash) and buy a black Fraim. Then it will both look and sound better. When I bought some uprights in 2021 they cost £97.80 per set of three in standard height.

If not replacing the uprights, I would wrap so it can easily be put back to original if you ever sell or dont like it.


I did once consider changing the silver uprights on my Fraim to black. A rattle can of matt black Plasti-Kote is probably all it would take, but the trouble is you’d always know that’s what it was and that would certainly nag me. I would also wonder how the paint layer might adversely affect the sound performance of the rack. Better would be to change the uprights for the proper black ones.


I bought 1 set of black uprights and took them with all my silver ones to an anodising firm and asked them to match the black uprights. when finished they were indistinguishable from the originals. 6 sets cost me £95. money well spent. hope that helps


That’s a fair point HH and definitely a more satisfying option. Expensive indulgence though…

When it comes down to it, one might get away with just replacing the front stanchions and leaving the rear ones as they are. Once it’s all assembled and loaded they rears are noticeable, or perhaps just the topmost one is.


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Are we really saying the paint finish is likely to affect the sound?
If that is the case, it could be for the better!

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I say it slightly tongue in cheek, but I guess it’s possible paint might damp the leg in some way.

I say it slightly tongue in cheek, but I guess it’s possible paint might damp the leg in some way. And dust might do the same , plays havoc with vinyl.

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