Fraim value

I have to say I was always a bit sceptical about the vfm of a Fraim. Having taken the plunge and spent the afternoon assembling it, I can see where the cost goes, very high grade engineering.
Definitely a step up from my old Hi Fi racks set up.


Do let us know what you think of the VFM after you have spent some time listening to it.


Well, given it a good trial. I’m very pleased, my test track is I and I from Dylan’s Infidels.
Two guitarists, Mark Knopfler and Mick Taylor.
The distinction between the two is much clearer, sharper edge to Bob’s voice too.


Time for a picture @Mikee :slightly_smiling_face:

Here you go…


Looking good :+1:

I would kindly suggest for even better sound, move the Fraim chips so that the Fraim base spikes rests in the exact middle of the Fraim chips and remove the dust lid from the turntable.

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Lovely to see another FraimLite in Maple + Silver. I much prefer contrasting the rack and box colours than matching them.


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Hi. Thank you, will definitely adjust the chips. Generally do remove the lid when playing. Eying up a Planar 8 or 10 now


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