Fraim vs Fraim-Lite

So - does anyone have an experience with the FraimLite being better than the Fraim? I’m hearing that the Fraim might not be the best thing in the US -given that construction over here is very often over crawlspaces. While Fraim might be best used with concrete floors - the glass apparently doesn’t do very well on suspended floors.

Any similar experience?

A lot of people in North America have suspended floor
Homes with basements
I see no reason why a house built with a crawl space would be a issue,
If your floors are really springy then I’d get that checked out.
The one nice thing about having a crawl space is if you really wanted to beef things up you could get under there pour some footings and brace the floor.

I have a full Fraim setup sat in a room above a basement with wood joists, wood fibreboard subfloor and oak parquet on top and whilst the floor is of course not completely solid like concrete or similar I’ve never had any issues with it.
I would say it’s worth checking the levels for adjustment and tightness at least a few times a year as they will move/settle however accurate your setup may have been, they do need a check and a tighten and occasional take apart and rebuild.

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