Fraim with a turntable?

As Chris said above, the NDX2 is the ideal partner for the Supernait 3.

I should preface this by saying I’ve heard only the XS3 of all the items of kit being discussed here!

The ND5 XS2 is an award winning streamer. Plenty on here regard it highly, as a standalone streamer, or into a separate DAC. A search will find varying opinions, but at least some rank it alongside the original NDX. It is the XS level streamer though, and as such matches the XS3 more than the SN. The issue is that at UK prices at least, the difference in price of a NDX2 over the ND5 XS2 is almost the cost of a brand new SN3. The SN3 is almost between the two streamers price wise.

You could have a ND5 XS2 into an amp that can take better sources, or a NDX2 into an amp that could be bettered. Both systems would likely sound great though!

If the NDX2 is in budget, it’s probably not worth thinking about the ND5 XS2. If you can afford that though, the difference between them might also allow you to upgrade your TT as you mention (e.g. buy the ND5, and upgrade your TT)

Which source do you think you’d listen to most?

[edited to add, you could add a Naim/other DAC to your current Node, retaining your current streaming interface/UI - is adding a DAC in such a way something you’d thought about?]

That’s certainly inventive. The dedication to craft in the installation paid off, I’m sure it sounds as good as it looks!

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I’m in the US as well and used to have Isoblue. Though it has its charm, I eventually decided to move to Simraks by Simon Price. He does customize the racks if needed, I believe.

I ordered mine from a well-known Naim dealer in Rearsby, who shipped it to me.

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Would you look at that… the IsoBlue wall mount and the double Fraims :fire:!

Simraks and Simplinths are gorgeous. Looking into that for sure.

Suspended wooden floors made the LP12 unusable on the Fraim. This works musically and in appearance

Floating floors too IME (e.g. wood flooring, with underlying membranes, over concrete), which can mean the Fraim has some very minor bounce even when loaded with kit (40kgs+).

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My situation is pretty solid, with ceramic tiles directly on slab, no basement. However, I can test my current setup to see if there’s any effect.

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