Frank Sinatra album issue

I have recently purchased Frank Sinatra Album, Ultimate Sinatra: The Centennial Collection - from HDtracks.
I have notice that one of the tracks (44) it simply doesn’t play over the ethernet (streaming), it get stuck in the end of nr. 33 and after some minutes skips to number 45.
this issue doesn’t appear while playing over USB port.

any ideas what could cause this issue?

Can you reconvert to wav or flac and try the new file? Going from one lossless format to another you shouldn’t lose anything. I think you can even convert from flac to flac.

I will try no problem, but I’m experiencing this kind of issue for a first time since i order albums in aiff format.

Not saying its an AIFF problem, but it has a familiar ring about it.
A few years agp I was given some albums in AIFF (sourced from iTunes I believe) & my NDX had a issues such as refusing to play tracks. I was using WAV at the time & a dBpoweramp convertion to WAV fixed it.

I am now all FLAC (or DSD if mastered as DSD).

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thanks for an advice!
I have converted this particular track 44 - “Where are you” to WAV (using dbpoweramp) and the problem vanished, it’s playing now with no issues!

Why not convert the whole album ??
Also consider converting to FLAC, whilst it was true WAV did sound slightly better on older (legacy) Naim streamers, its not the case with the new generation streamers.

as I wasn’t sure about the result, did only one track but now I will convert whole album :+1:.
I will also report this issue to HDtracks.

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