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Dec '19

It seems I’ve been the victim of a fraud regarding the NAC 282. If you are contemplating buying using a service the seller called epost by Deutsche Post. Be very careful. It looked professional enough to fool me. The freight and payment method was claimed to be safe where the seller wouldn’t get payed until the buyer accepted the item. However it has now been 20 days and nothing has been shipped to me. The seller doesn’t respond and I have contacted Deutsche Post, DHL, Nat west bank (to which I paid) and my own bank and asked for help to resolve this. I fear I have just lost 2175€. I also sold my 202 and 200DR so now I have no music. I miss them.


Dec '19

It wasn’t eBay. The seller announced the 282 on a Swedish site We agreed upon the aformentioned shipping/payment method as he said it was a service supplied by Deutsche Post. A few days later I received 2 emails from, what looked to be Deutsche Post given their email adress ( One of those mails contained information on how to pay and where to pay to. The pdfs’ attached looked very professional with one being an invoice and the other a freight order for DHL. I probably should’ve been more cautious.

They wanted to cheat the same way yesterday.An NDX2 sells for 2800 Euro
I sent a ID picture of where I stand, he refused.I’m in the picture. Be careful not to misuse your ID!

She didn’t want to stand by me when I asked.Probably not her own either!

i have nearly bought naim gear via hifishark from europe

photo id and pics of naim boxes

i asked for a pic of seller next to naim box and then i would forward funds to bank account…

guess what - they said no as i could in theory carry out fraud.

normally if it seems too good to be true it normally is

sorry to hear of your predicament

Luckily, I found this old post in time and didn’t go into the store.Only accept an image that holds the document in your hand. Have a phone number, a Facebook page that identifies the seller

These also look good in front of you

I have sold and bought a lot of items on eBay, but never accepted other way of payment than PayPal.
PayPal is a great insurance. They refunded me always if I didn’t received something or if the item was not as described.
Last year I bought an IPad described as mint . But the IPad had a big scratch on the rear and came without a cable and charger.
EBay / PayPal refunded me the entire money I paid, after my inquiry . And I kept the IPad too.

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Agreed (and don’t use F&F to save on the Paypal fee).

And for an extra level of protection, I fund my Paypal payments from a Visa (or Mastercard would be fine). You then have additional avenue of recourse in case Paypal doesn’t come through.

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I do likewise, though I’m not certain whether the CC protection would apply that way.

From a different angle, for sellers the Paypal approach does present additional risk, so for protection from fraudulent buyers when I sell I treat it as essential to use a tracked and signed for service unless literally just a few pence.

Fleabay has started it’s move away from using PayPal as a default payment system. You can still opt to pay by it but make sure you check the box before clicking the confirm payment button. If you have a look now at the checkout stage you will find that your default option now is your CC. Not sure if this has happened for everyone yet as it is a roll out but it has on mine.

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My default payment in EBay France is still PayPal. But I have other payment choices.

If you use paypal linked to a cc, then you are paying with paypal. Your cc will not refund under any circumstances and will refer you to paypal.

I haven’t looked at the ebay terms and conditions for paying direct by cc but ebay previously used paypal to deal with cc transactions. Check the t’s and c’s with paypal and your cc company to see who is responsible for failed payments if you pay direct by cc.


Yes, that’s rather what I thought though never confirmed.

I’m not sure if a direct link to a Paypal article is okay or not, but google for “Paypal Disputes, claims, chargebacks, and bank reversals”. At least these rules apply in the US.

In summary, buyers can initiate a claim 3 ways:

  1. With Paypal.
  2. With Card issuer.
  3. With Bank.

By backing with a CC, it gives me option #2 as a backup to #1. Apparently there may be a chargeback fee of up to $20USD, but that would probably be acceptable relative to expensive audio gear (this may be a new rule since I last checked, many years ago).

#2 as a backup, is better than #3, in my opinion, as CC companies are more likely to reimburse funds for legit reasons related to purchases than banks. Banks in my experience are more responsive to issues like stolen or fraudulant checks, and account hacks.


The exactly same situation happed to me the 28th October 2020.

But it was on the website called REVERB
The seller’s name is “The Bernheimer, Buchholz in der Nordheide, Allemagne”

All the documents from “Deutsche Post” and “DHL” where so real ! but so fake :sob: !

For me it was 3080 €.

After I payed, the seller disappeared and the package never moved.

@Lucifer : What happen with your bank after that ?
Did some insurances worked ?

Thanks for reading, I hope this can help other.

Lesson: Just a photo showing the seller with the ID and the seller’s merchandise

Just out of interest I bought a rear shock for my MTB on Ebay a few weeks ago and on arrival it is a different size to that in the description.

The seller insists I am wrong and is disputing the photo I have sent him despite (in my view) it clearly showing the length is 220 not 200mm. Should I insist on the refund before posting it back or is it reasonable for me to send it so he can confirm the size error?

He refuses to agree to the refund without receiving it back. I am not keen to part with the evidence!

One for the PayPal mediators?

I don’t use Ebay much but have never had a problem when I have. This sale has somehow felt wrong from the start (poor communication, late postage etc etc).


If you aren’t happy with an eBay item then just initiate a return, the basis being it was not as described. Once confirmed delivered back to the seller you will be refunded. Provided it is returned just as you received, then eBay will usually refund you within a specified number of days if the seller has not already done so.

Similar thing recently with car hatchback struts bought from Amazon - claimed to fit specific model but 25mm too long and seller resisted initially…but agreed with a push.

The real learning was though that Ford wanted ~£95 for a pair but reputable OEM-sourced was obtained ‘proper trade’ through car spares network for £30 (in VAT).

So I just send it whether he agrees or not?

I am not sure I have the address but perhaps it is in there somewhere


Initiate a return with eBay
If the seller doesn’t agree / respond… eBay will give you a returns label with address on it and pre paid
THEN send it back!!
Sometimes eBay will just refund you anyway…and you keep the item…
I had this happen for a wrongly supplied £90 drum of oil!!

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