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I’ve been using the Innuos Zen Mini 3 as my server/streamer with my SuperUniti for about a year to get Roon and Qobuz support. It’s been very good*. But spending too much time on forums and watching YouTube reviews lately has made me crave a DAC upgrade. And I ended up getting the Chord Qutest for Christmas.

However, as good as the Qutest is, I did not find it all that much better than the DAC in the SU. Going back and forth either A/B testing or just long sessions with one and then the other, even trying the Chord powered via a Power Bank, did not yield anything that would stand out as better.

At some point I started playing around with my Kudos X2s, moving them further away from the wall to see if they needed some more space. Well I have to say that doing so made the most difference to the sound. Just moving the speakers 10cm.

In the end the Qutest went back - it just did not give me the SQ uplift I was expecting from all the reviews and forum talk. But by forcing me to move my speakers, what I got out of it is a free upgrade. Which has opened up the sound, made the soundstage wider and deeper and put a smile on my face.

*side note: using Roon on the Innuos Zen also has an impact on the sound, unfortunately a negative one. So I tend to not use Roon, only for background listening.


I’m having a similar DAC dilemma at the moment. I need to ignore all the hype and be happy with what I have, the system sounds superb already!

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yeah I mean, it’s always nice if you’re able to audition the device in your home to make sure it sounds as you want it to, in your own system. I’ve had two products in the last year that I auditioned and retuned, just because to me it didn’t make a sound improvement in my system.

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