Does anyone know what the best make of freezers is? I like Miele for washing machines, but don’t know what they’re like for freezers.

We have just bought a new Meile washing machine and so far very pleased with it. Not sure there is much difference between different makes of freezers.

Most reviews speak highly of Miele, it looks to be a safe brand to go with.
Have a look at www to check the ones to avoid, some concerns with plastic backs, ‘Which’ has a list of brands with problems.
I’ve had two Liebherr fridge freezers, first one was changed with nothing wrong with it after about 18 years when the kitchen was ripped out & changed, that was 12 years ago, so I have to recommend Liebherr.

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Fridge and freezer technology is pretty established. Reliability tends not be an issue. Before the days of frost free fridges, most died because the evaporator got punctured when trying to prize the ice off, usually with a flat knife.
Most fridges and freezers get changed now due to lifestyle, not dieing.
I.e, single, get married, have kids, kids get bigger, kids leave home etc…I.e fridge and freezer needs to change size to accommodate.

Personally I have has a Samsung American style 900mm fridge for 8 years with zero issues. Great ice maker, cold water dispenser. A fridge within the fridge for stuff at a lower temp. I use it for beer.
Would I buy another, yes. Do I need to buy another, no. Kids still have not left. Yet, working on it!

I have a Whirlpool tall upright frost-free freezer bought more than 16 years ago, still working fine with no problems to date (touch wood). A couple of months ago I replaced a Whirlpool larder fridge of about the same age with a Bosch, having being very limited for choice because it had to fit a specific space and fridges have got bigger. Aside from smaller inside and probably cheaper to run (both due to better insulation) the Bosch is not as good, being noisier and taking a longer to chill down after being loaded with food.

I also have an older Gram tall upright freezer, a pro kitchen brand, of unknown age which was secondhand from a professional kitchen about 8 years ago, discarded because it had a fault. Free plus about £150 for a service that included gas recharge, it has been faultless since, however it is not a frost-free design.

Liebherr look good. They seem a little more advanced than Miele. Things have moved on since we bought our last freezer. The air circulation method and condensation removal looks impressive… on paper. Our trusty Bosch has now finally failed, but it does seem very dated compared to what I’m reading now.


We are on our second Liebherr, the first lasted nineteen years and only got replaced when the top hinge on the fridge door wore away and I couldn’t get a replacement. The chap who took it away put it in his garage and still uses the freezer.
John Lewis told us that Miele refrigeratorion is made by Liebherr.
Lower cost in the UK are LEC. We bought a nine cubic foot freezer from Bejam and sold it on when children arrived and we needed the room. It is still going strong.

Liebherr and Miele are made in the same factory with slightly different spec and cosmetics. I had a Liebherr fridge/freezer which broke down twice in warranty and was repaired, then replaced. The replacement failed totally just out of warranty. No more Liebherr for me.

On the other hand, my Miele washing machine is 16 years old and just starting to show signs of wearing out.

These days I have a Samsung fridge/freezer which has worked flawlessly for 3 years.

I have a Smeg fridge freezer, like the style and they have worked well for me over the years.

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We’re delighted with our Samsung fridge freezer, it was the price of Miele (over £1k) but we preferred the design.

It replaced a very disappointing AEG model which also wasn’t cheap but was falling apart after 5 years with multiple issues.

When the initial lockdown began, I bought a tall freestanding frost-free freezer from Blomberg.

It was going into the garage, and the point in it’s favour was that most of the Blomberg’s are guaranteed to work in sub zero ambient temperatures, which many other brands are not.

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I have one as well in the garage, i struggle with they don’t like being cold?

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I think it’s more to do with the warranties offered.

Lots of manufacturers specifically state that outdoor use in sub zero temperatures will invalidate the warranty, whereas Beko / Blomberg cover such use.

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Blomberg are owned by the company that make Beko. I’ve owned Beko fridge and Beko freezer for 10 years whithout a single ploblem. Still working perfectly, with everthing in as new condition. Although I have the feeling they are now a slightly creamier shade of white.

I wouldn’t choose a freezer manufaturer based on their ability to manufacture washing machines.:blush:

According to Which. Miele come about 6th. Samsung rate highly.Beko come out ok as well.
We got a Samsung fridge freezer and highly delighted and so quiet.
Miele washing machines aren’t rated highly

In addition, seems to me that you pay a huge premium for Liebherr.

Most brands are very reliable these days, like most common consumer brands.

We have a Liebherr fridge/freezer. Bought to fit the “gap”, very few 750mm ones available at the time. Have, over the years, replaced some bits of door shelving, the salad drawer and a hinge. All readily available. Would happily buy another, if I ever need to.


Now, one this that should be of intrest on such a forum is how much electrical noise the fridge or freezer puts back into your system.
And I do know that my Samsung does make the transformer on my xpsdr buzz when the compressor is running .

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve ordered a Liebherr freezer. Things have definitely moved on in the freezer world. It will be interesting to see how effective it is. Features that sold it to me are wifi app enabled, a shelf that can be slid in and then it switches off the shelves below, frost-free air flow and digital readout, amongst other things. Reading Miele and Liebherr websites, it seems to me that Liebherr are more specialist in the refrigeration area and the specs/features are better. Miele either aren’t that interested in advanced technology or their website is rubbish. Either way, they’ve lost out on a sale.

Out of interest, what on Earth does a wifi app do with a freezer? It seems a strange selling point.