Frequent drop outs with internet radio on ns01 and muso qb

Over the last days I have had more dropouts than usual, both on my qb, running wireless and my ns01 wired. Today I had problems again and to avoid frustrations I am using my iphone and streaming from the same radio station from the app supplied. This works without dropouts. This suggests that something is wrong with the vtuner service Naim is using.

Its 100% OK on my part of the planet (UK), I’ve been on various iRadio stations on & off all week & on R.Paradise for the last 3 hours, not hint of problems.
I suspect its something related to your local server, in time it usually fixes itself.
Apart from that have you tried clearing your control point (iOS or Android) cache, RAM & powered off & restarted

It’s unlikely two different devices develope the same fault at the same time. It’s more likely that a common shared element is to blame. You mention that casting from your phone works. If your home network or internet has issues, your phone can fall back to cellular data.

I’m not saying that’s the issue. It’s just that there are about 101 other possible causes more likely than spontaneous faults on two units.

My vTuner is also solid and I’m 6000 miles away from Mike-B.

Hi @Claus

Can you provide details of the station that is having dropouts and we’ll investigate it.
VTuner don’t host the station stream, they just reference to the stream hosted by the station. However often there are different ones (AAC and MP3 of different bitrates) and the station may have an issue with one particular stream variant.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director, Naim Audio

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