Frequent restart SU

Hi all, yes there have been a number of topics (:grin:) on the loss of connection of the router to the SU and having to restart the SU. But I might have found the answer. I made ‘a reservation’ within DHCP/NAT menu of the router/Apple Time Capsule for the SU, using the SU’s MAC adress and IP adress ( which is always the same here; And next option down I adjusted the lease to a year for good measure instead of a day. I had never noticed this option in the advanced menu. If this all is probably nonsense, let me know. It seems to work fine now​:sunglasses:.

hmmm, this morning the same problem occurred, no automate connection of app to SU… needed to restart the SU. So the ‘solution’ above is not it either… sorry to take your time, if anyone has another option I would like to know gladly.

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