I return after a hiatus to let anyone interested know that I am ok and my country is behaving with exceptional sensitivity, sensibility and dedication, of which I am very proud.

My thread’s caption is dedicated to a fistful of members who I know more or less personally, and to a universal feeling that should keep us all united beyond any temptation to judge, make lists, compare.

Ciao to Chris, to his wonderful pics of very live events; ciao to Haim, my 1-year-older twin from Illinois, an antipodal but excellent type of photographer and a lucid, smart friend. To Mark, who did the most amazing thing I could imagine:

He built this Telecaster as an exercise and then sent it to me as a present from North Carolina. I spend time on it, turning into a 25 years old again, being happy. Thanks Mark, you’re a super special guy and Silvia, parents, Giacomo & Greta kiss you.

To Nigel, who is the most interesting among the weird people I know. He knows what pain is, and that makes him a respectable guy. I sometimes have had misunderstandings with his alter ego, but his Bruce Wayne identity is a sensitive and lucky guy, with a precious wife and cool kids. Whatever he may think, I still like him even when he enters the phone booth, changes into HH and frees his sarcastic side. I love sarcasm, that’s the point.

Ciao to Mr Dane, whose patience, balance and serene spirits have managed a hundred times times to keep me here or making me come back. Thanks, R.

This was about friendship. I suppose that is the most valuable goods we need now. Take care all of you, and be patient.



Good to see you back Max. I think we need a thread on your ‘new’ system. I spot some interesting looking Klipsch (Heritage ?) speakers so i’d certainly be interested to hear more about your system and component choices.


Edit - Just seen it in system pictures. Still catching up…

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Yes indeed, welcome back Max.
I’ve just been reading about your system on the other post, interesting.
Stay heathy & go well.

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Welcome back Max! Great post! Be well!

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I am not one of those at whom your opening post is directed, however I always appreciated your posts, and your absence has been evident.

In particular I am pleased you are well - and hope that extends to your family and friends. Welcome back!

This, and the months coming, are difficult times, and in part I am sure will make all of us re-assess our values and lives, and in that regard perhaps good will come of it? Sitting here now, listening to Mozart, I can briefly forget the world’s woes - but they are real and we must all work, collectively and individually, to get through this and back to normal - or rather the new normal, which maybe (?) will be better… coronavirus doe rather put hifi fretting into perspective - meanwhile music can be a wonderful means of helping people through difficult times, or forgetting them if one prefers, and our hobby is therefore one with far more benefit than just occupying time, considering the next upgrade or tweak, or worrying whether there is something better out there (there probably is!).

So, in the name of the thread, to all on the forum a toast to friendship, at whatever level that may be: from recognising and respecting differences to discovering soulmates.



agreed completely. Thanks for your reply, and for the toast to friendship. Heart-warming post.

Thanks sincerely to the others who welcomed me. I feared a little that no Naim piece in the system could marginalize me, but I still have a lavender!

Glad to be here again,

take care you all,



Hello Max,

Thank you, and welcome back.

Best, C.


if I’m sure I am not boring anyone (perfectly free not to read and skip my post, to be true), I’ll enjoy a lot describing what brought me to the Heritage Klipsch. I can say that audio world is, unexpectedly, full of surprises and full of nothing really new…

Back soon,

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Thanks Chris.

Juventus FC and Inter FC were due to have a direct match. It’s called Italy’s derby. Unfortunately, both teams have an infected player. I tell you because of the many gorgeous match pics you sent me. It looks like we will have to wait for many things, from life/death matters to innocent trivialities, to be normal again.


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Go for it Max - should be a good read :sunglasses:

Watched some of Quite Place last night. I always enjoyed stories like this - from when I first read The Day Of The Triffids. End of the world stories. I know this will not be the end of the world (at least, I sincerely hope not), but it has a slight whiff of such a thing. So my thoughts immediately turn to - how do I keep my Naim system going if everything falls apart? Should I get a generator - and if so, which one? What will work best with a HiFi system? Does anyone here have any experience of such things?
And how do we keep in touch - as we should do with our friends in such circumstances?

Max, Welcome back, Nick

Thanks Nick! To be welcomed back with not a single piece of Naim gear (but don’t forget I am the one of the five pairs of N-Sats…) fills me with pleasure and, in these special days, of sincere faith in the possibility of friendship among humans. It may sound weird, it’s how I feel.



Thank goodness we have naim I have a mobility issue I cannot go out much.
I have many cds classical /jazz

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