From Linn Aktiv to ATC active

Hello , this is my first and possibly last post , but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to thank this Forum and it’s members for opening my eyes and ears which prompted a major change to my hi fi set up .
After living with a all Linn Aktiv system for a number of years and frustrated by the closing of the Linn forum , I started reading other manufactures forums . From the outset the Naim forum struck a chord , and the ATC threads piqued my interest .
To cut a long story short , I traded in amps , speakers , cables etc and bought a pair of ATC SCM 40 a’s . The change is astonishing , other members have posted more eloquently than I ever could about how good these speakers are , but suffice to say I am one very happy owner .
Apologies , but I have no Naim products , so my input is going to be extremely limited , but many thanks to this forum .


I am really interested in your Hi-Fi journey and experiences.
All the best,

You need not name your naim to participate. I’m assuming you went with active speakers? What else is in your system. Problem is for me (and probably most others) by the time you realize what can be done with active speakers you’re in too deep with other equipment - a wholesale change just doesn’t seem feasible.

Hey Stumpy … I can absolutely relate to this!!!

In 1999 I was going to upgrade four Linn LK100’s for their top end Linn Klout power amps.

Again I needed 4 to drive my top of the range Linn Keltic speakers.

Fortunately, a Linn dealer pointed me in the direction of ATC and he was certain that they would blow the Linn active system out the water.

I sold all the Linn stuff and replaced it with ATC 50ASL driven by their SCA-2 preamp.

The difference in sound quality and musical enjoyment simply cannot be described- other than to say AWESOME

I was certainly ‘trapped’ in the manufactures (Linn) upgrade path.

Looking beyond, a pair of £6.5k (back in 1999) active ATC speakers was superior to what would have amounted to over £13k of Linn amps and speakers.

Sadly (due to a smaller room size) the 50’s have now gone and I’m now using the ATC 40A’s

Absolutely brilliant and bring the best out of my Naim ND5XS and Chord Hugo (original)

Very happy with the set up and the Rega RP10/Apheta 2 with the Aria.

I may audition and compare NDX2 against my existing ‘sources’ … or some other likely candidate.

The moral to the story … don’t get stuck on a constant upgrade path … there are other and often better options.

The latest Linn offerings may now be better but I think cost wise, they are over priced compared to other manufacturers and they rely upon on all the positive reputation from the early Sondek years …

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Good read! You propably already read about my journey in SCM40 thread but I just had similar experience moving from passive Naim + SCM40 to active Linn + SCM40A setup. Even though ar first they ended up sounding slightly overpowering in my ~20m2 room, everything works great now with space optimisation configured. Active speakers really do offer deeper insight to music.

Many thanks for the kind replies , they were good to read .
My system now comprises of the following
Linn Akurate DSM
Linn Sondek
ATC 40 a’s
Mogami 2534 balanced cables
Less is definitely more !

My ATC SCM19As arrive this Saturday … to be fed by NAC272 :slight_smile:


Recently I heard the ATC SCM40 (passive) and was smitten by their presentation to the extent I don’t need to look at other brand speakers for an upgrade. Its seems to me that ATC present not only a certain way of listening but also can be a game changer for some audiophiles.

Totally agree, that’s how I felt when I first heard them.
I now have the 40A,s which are amazing !

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