From Mac to Mu-so. Seriously... any work-arounds?

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here. I hope you can help me out.

Mac to Mu-so Qb connected via TosLink, which limits hi res audio to 96kHz.
The iTunes app is maxed out at 24-bit / 96kHz.
Mu-so Qb can accept hi res audio up to 24-bit / 192kHz (wav, flac, aiff).
Obviously, I want to enjoy the maximum capability of this tiny, magical sound-beast!
(Yes, it is impressive!)
I have found the Audirvana+ app, which will solve the iTunes shortfalls.
How can I achieve the necessary hardware connections? I assume wireless inputs will have limitations. Is Ethernet the best option? How should I go about this?

Thanks in advance!

You can get a USB to SPDIF converter that will remove the limitations. I had one for a while, but honestly couldn’t tell much difference. When it broke for the second time, I went back to the optical from the Mini. (I’m feeding an old SN1)

I’m not allowed to post a link but a Peachtree X1 might be just what you’re looking for.

Wireless can work just fine if you have good wireless connectivity and implementation in your home. Try and use 5Ghz band if possible as it’s less crowded by other devices and less prone to overlapping issues that can cause dropouts. Wired will be more robust and less prone to issues but a lot of people use wireless with no issues. SQ is just as good in my experience especially in the newwr kit. Advantage you don’t need a computer hanging off yout system.

winkyincanada - looking into that device now

crystalgipsy - I should have mentioned that I live in a small apartment in a 30 unit complex. I think a hardwire connection would be ideal.

Yep if it’s that crowded, wired would be better.

Why do you need another device though. You can run Aurivarna or other UPnP on the mac and stream over the network with no further investment, buying something else to plug into the QB is really not needed

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Thank you both!

winkyincanada: can you explain the USB to SPDIF converter?

crystalgypsy: UPnP is not a friendly option with Mac. Proprietary bull, I guess.

Really first I’ve heard of that as so many use it in Audivarna without issue.

Yep. Your computer will supply the audio data to your USB ports without the limitations of the internal converter that produces the optical (SPDIF) output. But it is in a format that your Muso-Qb won’t understand, so you still need to convert it. That’s what something like the Peachtree X1 does. It then provides a SPDIF output for the Muso-Qb, but will do so all the way to 192/24 (if the original files were of that resolution).

I can’t speak to a UPnP option as I’ve never delved into that nightmare world.

There really is no need to purchase another device to connect the mas via usb to the QB when it’s designed to have a full 192/24 via UPnP that can be done with existing hardware, all you need is the software to push it to the device. Try it first at least before looking at buying needless hardware.

My 2013 iMac has a digital out 24-bit / 96kHz.
Apparently, they upgraded the audio to 192kHz beginning late 2014 models. Uggh!

Try Asset Upnp. It’s pretty easy, Fast and responsive. Using it with Mac mini and Superuniti / now Nova.

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Toslink (optical SPDIF) officially only supports up to 24/96, although it is sometimes possible to get 24/192 to work, but it will depend on the Muso’s Toslink input and the cable, so there is no guarantee that a different optical output (such as the Peachtree) will work.
I would just run a UPnP server on your Mac, and run an Ethernet cable. You may well find that the Muso’s 802.11g WiFi cannot cope with 24/192.
I suspect you may find that any advantage of 24/192 over 24/96 is small, or possibly non-existent, but a simple Cat5e cable or two costs very little and will probably give you the best connection for any network sources.

I can genuinely say that I have not heard the difference of these very high res formats, particularly as they are usually applied to crap recordings. Is there a recording that isn’t some boring quartet that was actually recorded throughout to support the resolution and take advantage of it?

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UPNP is the best way! Try minimserver or asset. Then you can use the naim-app to control your mu-so! And if you want to stream the sound of the mac you can use airplay for YouTube videos and others.

If you have the Audirvana+ app on your Mac all you need to do is go into A+ Preferences, Audio Systems, Change, and select UPnP: Qb, then Save. A+ will then send what is playing there to the Qb over your network. No wired connection between Mac and Qb required.

I’d venture that when listening on a Qb, benefits of resolutions over the 24/96 that he’s currently getting are de minimis. I’d try running Asset server on the Mac, thus freeing the Qb from the necessity of a wired connection to the Mac.

Thank you, everyone! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and ideas.
I just can’t get anything to work… Asset, Minimserver, etc.
If your experiences say Hi Res 24bit/96kHz is good enough (little benefit to use a higher resolution), then I will stick with what I have. My current set up will will work just fine.

Do you agree?

Others have stated they hear no difference when you go from 96kHz to 192kHz. I’m in the same camp, I hear no difference. If you have a very high end system, maybe.