From N272 to NDX2

So, I feel an upgrade coming on (entirely deserved IMO; it’s been a tough year).

Current setup: N272 / XPSDR / 250DR. Still no sign of the much anticipated ‘N372’…

I plan to demo an NDX2, with intention to sell / trade-in / give away my N272 – assuming I like what the NDX2 does.

Medium-term goal (6 - 9 months): Add a NAC282.

Short term solution: put my old NAC32 into service between the NDX2 & 250DR (which also requires a HiCap, as will the NAC282 later).

Any thoughts? There was an earlier discussion here re connecting an NDX2 directly to a power amp, but I’m assuming even an ancient, wheezy Naim pre-amp will be better than no pre-amp at all.

Will I still have use of the Naim app volume control with the NAC32 in situ?



Hey, I’ve noticed you are in Thailand? Where will you demo from? CH Home Media?

Hi I can’t answer the question about the NAC 32 volume control but I would have thought it would have been great as an interim leading to the 282.



The purpose of using the preamp volume control is to avoid the use of the NDX2’s digital volume control, which is not ideal for sound quality. When you eventually get the 282 you will be able to connect the NDX2 using system automation, which will enable you to control the volume and switch inputs using either the App or the NDX2’s remote. The 32, however, comes from a time before system automation and indeed, remote controls. Therefore it will be a case of getting off your bottom to control the volume. When you buy the Hicap, ensure it’s a current DR model, this will help get the best from the 282, and will work fine with the 32 in the interim.



+1 on the pragmatic approach by HH

Hi James,

Yes, I’m in Thailand and CH Media are my local dealer.

I appreciate discussion of ‘cast offs’ is not allowed here.

I think we should lobby @Richard.Dane for a For Sale section.

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Think he already gave an answer on another thread: if something went wrong on the sale, the forum would turn awkward . And a potential “war zone”. You get the point

It won’t happen, for all the reasons I’ve given before. Sorry Weekendwarrior.

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I’ve not seen that discussion, perhaps before my time as a forum member. Anyway, I’ll take that as resounding NO then!

That’s an outrageous proposition. It’s 2021!

As a stop-gap measure, I’ll rig up a 10 ft bamboo pole with a replica hand attached at one end.

I was going to suggest that but I thought you may have felt I was being flippant. You could probably rig up a pulley system and control it with bits of string too.

Can the NDX2 connect to a 272 using system automation? - just curious.

The 272 has a remote in, so it may work. But then again, it may not. There is little point using an NDX2 with a 272 anyway.

Maybe, but as an upgrade path you could still rely on the pre amp part of the 272 to handle analogue sources in the short term.

If the NDX2 has a volume control (variable output via phono and din) then this could be used into the 32. I use the app on my Uniti to control everything going into my 32.5. I set my volume to a reasonable level and never touch the 32.5.

I don’t know much about the NDX2 though, I was just looking at the remote.

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I used 272 as just preamp for a while recently fed by ND5XS2/nDAC.

It sounded very good with the 555DR (and quite good bare).

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ah yep oops.
Great stuff, had good experience with CH before. Enjoy the upgrade!

Did the ND5XS2 improve on the internal DAC and streamer in the 272 with a 555 on it?

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The ND5XS2 is well ahead of the 272 on SQ for streaming Tidal (or Qobuz) - or anything over the web.

[I didn’t test them for local streaming.]

I didn’t directly compare the dac sections, but I’d say they are about the same.

Adding the Naim DAC to either the 272 or the ND5XS2 is a strong improvement in SQ to my ears - clearer, colder, crisper, more detailed sound.

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