Front end upgrade

Hi Folks,
I need some advice on my source upgrade path.

I currently have an NDX which I’m using to stream content from Tidal using sonore bridge as the Roon end point.
This sounds great through my 282/Hicap DR/300DR, but I’m aware that the source is a bit below par.
There are a few things I don’t understand. Firstly, what limitation does the Sonore bridge put on my system, if any?

Secondly, if I upgrade to an NDS / 555PS(DR) , will the bridge be a limiting factor.

I’ve read elsewhere that Streamer in the NDS suffers from electronic noise, is this true.

I have consider NDX2 but popular opinion seems to suggest NDS SQ is better.

If anyone has experience of NDS / 555DR / Sonore bridge integration I would love to hear your opinions.
Thanks !

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