Frozen Muso QB 1 during firmware update

Hi all, sorry if posted before. I’ve just moved house and had a new router installed by my internet provider (Sky). First job, get the Muso QB up and running. After 3 hours of ‘unexpected event occured try again’ (seriously !!!) I managed to get the app to see the QB. At this point I noticed that a firmware update was available which I could facilitate via the IPhone. All good, the phone told me the update had gone to the Muso and could take up to 15 minutes . The control knob had the lights going round for about 10 minutes then it froze, blue indicator light on the back for another 3 hours, no movement whatsoever. At this point, the power had to go off to let the electrician do some work. I dread setting my NDX up at this rate. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, John

I have Sky and found the Sky router to have issues, direct cabling for updates negates most of these issues. I have changed the Sky Q hub/router to a TP link and have no problems with updates or wifi. Being part of the Beta program I have done a lot of updates this year and had no problems at all.

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