Frustration with Uniti Nova

About a month ago my Uniti Nova managed to brick itself during a firmware update that seemed to go awry. After numerous attempts to get it to boot (hardware resets, hooking up to ethernet, trying to find the unit on my network to install firmware from a laptop etc.) nothing worked and I had to send to the distributor in Montreal for service.

Several weeks and hundreds of dollars later, it’s finally returned with a new streamer board.

To my immense disappointment when I hooked it up I discovered the unit has a new problem. It will boot and setup and stream, however the output is extremely low, extremely distorted and a “current overload” message comes up on the screen almost right away. I have tripled checked all my wiring (nothing has changed in my system since the Uniti has been down), restarted, factory reset again and the problem persists. There is clearly a serious issue with the preamp/amplifier section now. The issue is the same on the analogue inputs.

Any experience with this?

Sorry t hear this. I think I would be straight back on the phone with your dealer here (assuming you went through your dealer) or else with the distributor explaining the issue and asking for it be fixed.

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