Full Fat Fraim - in Maple (a moaning post)

Good suggestion and agree if these are half decent wood veneers. I am still somewhat dumbfounded how these are no longer an option. It’s nonsense to me at this price level. Maple has been a standard colour in HIFI for years and years.


Looks superb.

In jest only, if you are desperate, there is the good old Blue Peter answer, sticky back plastic. I was surprised that there is so much available, search for Vinyl Warehouse and find this

More seriously, I think one of the reasons for predominance of cherry is that it is a very viable product, in some cases just 30 years from planting to harvesting. Compare this to ash, 50 to 60 years, oak 150 years plus. Maple about 70 and not commonly planted for harvesting (according to my local woodman).

That’s not a bad suggestion Andy. I don’t think my Maple shelves will go any darker now so if they can near match them it’s one way around it.

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I’m not sure what I can add here. I guess if you want Maple then the current Ash is probably the best (closest) match.

I have Cherry Fraim of different vintages (some with tinted varnish, others without), none of which are a perfect match, but once mixed up in the overall stacks, it all looks fine.

When it comes to wood, an obvious mismatch looks better than a close but imperfect match.

= Contrast usually works.

Two sorts of cherry and a bit o maple! (Apologies for terrible quality of photo!)

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@RackKit I see from the colourful aquatic place that you’ve managed to get hold of two ‘new to you’ shelves. Let’s see a pic of the revised setup.

Dont jump on me for this suggestion, one dealer said that some customers who could not get a good match up with the veneers had the 2 bases in black which he said did not look out of place.

Yes, I’ve seen that done before and it looked pretty good.

The only problem with that is that I’ve already got my bases in Maple and the current cost of Fraim rules buying anymore out. It’ll just be a case of arranging the mix of Black & Silver uprights in a way that doesn’t look too out of place. Most likely the Black uprights on the bottom shelves and the rest in Silver. If I knew what shade of silver Naim used on the uprights, I’d spray the Black uprights myself to match the rest! :smile:

Give me a chance Gav - I’ve not even collected them yet! :smiley:

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Why not speak to Tom Tom? They have pre owned uprights and will part ex the ones you already have. Price will be pretty sensible based on experience. Much better than painting anyway! The uprights are a actually anodised, not painted.

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That’s a pretty good shout Steve. Will have a chat with TT & see what they say.

Just tried but currently getting a “HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error” on the TT S/H products page.

Fraim in the old cherry also matches the SL2s.


Very nice set up HIFIman but Cherry isn’t going to match Maple too well! :smiley:


I know but any excuse to post a picture of the SL2s :blush:

I’m also in the same boat if I need another shelf as the new cherry is darker.

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Just give them a call. The website most likely will not display this stuff anyway.

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