Full loom?

I moved a while back to SuperLumina cables in my system (SL speaker cables, XLR cables to connect the NAC552PS to NAP500 and the din-RCA cable to connect the Chord Dave to my NAC)… I am wondering if the din-din interconnect which connects the NAC552 to the 552PS is also available in SL format? As far as I can see from the connection guide, this is a power-only interconnect.

I am today on the stock grey Naim din interconnect for this connection, not sure if I am missing something or not here.

If you mean the snaic between the 552PS and the head unit then no it’s not available as SL.

Yes, that is the one I was wondering about, I marked it in the screenshot with the red outline… It is a 5pin-5pin DIN cable in 180 degree pin layout… carries only power.

Super Lumina are signal cables not power cables.

Got it, thanks… nothing to worry about then… funny I asked my dealer and they believe it is available in SL, thought it was weird and wanted to check here… thanks for the reply…

You seem to be saying you are using a grey interconnect. It should be a black Snaic5.

Yes, I guess it is more black than gray, it is the one that shipped with the equipment…

A Snaic is really black, the same colour as the Burndy. It may be worth checking it’s a modern Snaic. A long time ago, the Snaics were grey and not as good.

True, it is pretty much the same color as the Burndy except for the neck which has a rubber protective sleeve of some sort that is more to the gray color than black… I guess I am safe.

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