Full size melco's on fraim, it can fit

This is for us full size melco guys that use fraim, as there has been a few different posts on this, the problem you find is that unless you put it on the top, it doesn’t work due to the ethernet cables being in the way off the rear leg, and so you have to place it over to the left, so that it fits.
The few ways i have seen to get over this is to drill the rear leg, turn the rear leg, or remove it, and just use the bolt, and lose the box section, all these ways for me i didn’t want to use.
But i really wanted my melco in the centre, well tonight i came up with a solution, and i think its by far the best one.

What i have done is swap the rear box section for a front box section, as i had a spare standard height legs, this being smaller in profile, but still keeping the fraim look, the front box sections are also off centre, as in the round bit inside the leg is to one side, this also gives you the option to have slightly more room on the left or right, but the main thing is that now i have a melco that fits perfectly in the centre off the rack, the cables are free, i havent destroyed a box section and it just about looks standard, plus obviously this might also work with other gear as well.

Sorry not the best pics as used an old tablet, but you get the idea i hope
Cheers dunc



Great idea ! Now Naim will have a run on Fraim legs lol

That wouldn’t work as the ethernet connections are too close on the melco and this would hit the ethernet out, it would need to go the other way, but even then the cap would be very tight.
Plus the standard rear leg is in the way for both ethernet cables and even more so for the in, but if you use a nice cable like i do for the melco to dac, then this also wouldn’t fit.
My solution has worked and means you can use standard inline cables, and any make.

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