Full Statement vs Alternatives

Gryphon amp….It runs very hot!

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Class A, it will give off a lot of heat and in a small room in the summer could be an issue.
I had the much small vitus sia25 a few years ago and that gave off loads of heat, but it did have a nice sound, but different to naim.

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At 202 kg I would be more concerned on the weight instead of looks. I suppose you need 5 to 6 strong men to lift that thing up.


I thought SQ was the absolute priority?

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Indeed so. Doesn’t stop it from being fugly, though

IIRC, it comes on a pallet with wheels and, akin to Thunderbird 2, the amp is rolled out on wheels from the packing box (pod), so you need a fair bit of room.

If I had a suspended wood floor I’d be checking out the joists beforehand.

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Fair point, they wanted to make something different. same approach as Chord and their unique designs that some love and some others hate.

It certainly gets the job done in looking unique which likely was the objective.