Fun cable fact!

While hunting for a 5-pin DIN cable at a reasonable price I found just the thing at my local Long & McQuaide store… a 1 metre MIDI cable.

Works like a charm for $10 , a step up from the DIN-RCA I was using. That cable is now used to good effect with the CAL tube DAC …

System is a 5italic, NAT05 , sources are the CAL tube DAC & Apple Airport with optical out, fed by an iPad Pro.

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As asked on the other thread, do you prefer the Midi cable to the lavender grey Naim interconnect that came with the NAT05?

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No such cable came with this lightly used NAT05. An improvement on using the DIN adapter & RCA though.

I would urge you to try to track down a genuine Naim lavender/grey interconnect as comes as standard with the Naim sources. You can buy new or secondhand.

While I source the Naim cable, I’ve swapped in a Roland Gold MIDI in a 1.5m length.

A Chord article noted that Naim amps can be damaged by cables of 1m or less…

Probably they were referring to speaker cable. See the FAQ on here re. Naim power amp’s speaker cable requirements.

Hi Richard, here’s the text I copied from the Chord pdf I’ve archived…

"These days DIN sockets tend to be found on Naim Audio or older Quad

equipment. We have over 35 years’ experience in building high-spec upgrade

cables for both products and at all performance levels. Chord Company

DIN cables can be supplied with 4-pin or 5-pin silver-plated DIN plugs in

push-fit metal, plastic (Quad) or Preh locking ring (Naim Audio) variants and

in combination with XLR, RCA (phono), BNC and mini-jack connectors,

allowing non-Naim/Quad equipment to be linked with ease and with its

musicality intact.

Many years ago, we established that shorter length (<1m) DIN cables can

have a detrimental effect on Naim Audio amplifiers"

Ah, ok yes, it has been known for shorter cables to possibly sound worse.

Stick with Naim’s cables and you’ll be fine though.