Funk firm Houdini decoupler

2 of the biggest tweaks I have done in years has been the Musicworks g3 accuplex but that has been done to death so I thought I would give my two penneth in this tweak for your cartridge! I was lucky enough to be given the chance to try it out by those amazing guys at Signals Hifi in Trimley st Martin and I am glad I did. It’s so odd and looks like nothing but if you have a turntable you owe it to your vinyl to give it a go and it’s daft cheap for what it does. I honestly thought I had changed my turntable for something a lot more expensive (yea yea) but apart from the amazing tracking it just eliminates the sound of the arm and in a nutshell brings you closer to the master tape in my opinion of course! I will only say I won’t change anything or buy any upgrades if they don’t make a big difference but this and the Musicworks has been a bargain to be honest! Nothing to lose with a money back if you don’t like it! Give it a go! Thanks

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